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Saturday, April 13, 2013

Another Snowy Day...........

Here it is April 13th. It's supposed to be Spring. I am supposed to have my plants in by now. Oh I know.......our season begins at the end of May, but if I wait that long we have no season. I mean September ends it, snows anytime after that. Although if we are lucky not till November.
Anyway.........We had just about started to see the beginning of Spring popping through the ground and it was covered again with snow. Well actually ice. Can you believe the kids have snow days in April.
Here are a few pictures. This Robin says it all.............

 photo c84b4d56-5ad7-47f0-9571-34381f1bcb6b_zps2b83a201.jpg
He had been looking up the back garden by the garage where the snow is pulling back from the foundations. Slim pickings I am sure. He came to check the feeder but didn't stay. I put out some dried cherries and nuts. I said HE but bet He is a She........looks full of eggs. She will be nesting soon if she can get enough to eat.

 photo e8502d60-f641-4a0e-8151-ae8847e2cbd4_zpsbb7ca4e0.jpg

The Chickadees like the new feeder. The squirrels keep taking the top off. Must find a way to fix that
 photo a58024c6-5616-4eb7-87f5-b706a681bb4f_zps39392339.jpg

Now this chap.....we had a thing going yesterday

 photo 5096d6e4-1e97-428a-9be1-b19c75f725e9_zps1ab6c3f3.jpg

I would chase him away, He would come back. Sneak around the fence and pop up.....I would chase him again.

 photo 2c79e235-8de5-4b6d-bf58-6d951a9af716_zps6153271a.jpg

He would get back on the feeder. Now I don't mind them getting a share but they eat so much if they are left to it. The birds need some too. Here he is honing in on the dried cherries and nuts.

 photo 055da7c2-41ad-40ca-919a-41016fca3fbf_zps50bf0527.jpg

These little ones need some too.

 photo e42cd40f-15fd-49ca-a48a-8bfe3fa71f79_zpsf896eb2d.jpg

This little chap decided to just use the other feeder instead. They don't like the squirrels though because sometimes they chase the birds.

 photo 523e942d-3183-44d1-bf57-fec4d2f036d7_zps6dae1ebe.jpg

Here you see 4 of the black squirrels. One is a baby and it tries to get in where it can. Must be one of the last of the Fall babies, it's too big for this years brood.

 photo e6d82f52-4b67-43d1-9046-619ab369900e_zps5c4ddd20.jpg
Cute they may be.......but very hungry

 photo c15cb37e-033b-4a5a-af8c-7f8e0226a8f3_zpscf063057.jpg

Well soon they will have all sorts of other things to eat and will leave my birds alone. Probably make a start on Bud next doors tulips and he will blame me for feeding them all winter. (Smile)


Merlesworld said...

They are very cute babies but should leave some for the birds too.

Magic Love Crow said...

I love this post so much! Your pictures are fantastic Janice! You have a great wildlife backyard! Just the way I like it ;o) You made me laugh about Bud! LOL!