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Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Garden yesterday, April 24th................

We finally spent a day outside. Woo was wonderful. My ex son in law bought us a load of mulch and helped my husband pull out all the shrubs under our front window. This year I want to redo the whole of the front yard. Well, we got the mulch down. I moved the bird feeders to under the apple tree. I am going to buy some chairs to sit out there and take pictures. I need to do all the trimming next, cut off all the dead stuff. The daffodils are budding and maybe today, if the sun comes out, they will open up. We had snow again last night. It will melt though once the sun decides to stay out.
Meanwhile a surprise...........I was taking a picture of my fish. I had two........well I have three. For the longest time we only saw the two and was so happy to see they made it through winter. What a lovely surprise to find we have one more. They are growing nicely too.
 photo 108_1128a_zps5256eaf3.jpg
Look how big they are
 photo 108_1109a_zpse94a5820.jpg

The boy fountain is just going to be a birdbath this year. He splashes and drys out to quickly. The birds still love him anyway and the Cardinal was enjoying a drink.
 photo cardjpg_zps97bc2a54.jpg
The other birds continue to enjoy the feeder. I have also got some plates that my friend found at a garage sale for free............I am using those as bird baths. One I put on the table next to the feeders and the other on a stand.
 photo birdsjpg_zps187c5ec3.jpg
I will paint the stand and it makes a great bird bath don't you think?
 photo c1ae03f4-8fcf-4dce-899e-e6c8a4515dea_zps67c7f5a1.jpg
I had a rather unusual visitor last evening. I have never seen a small red squirrel here in town before. How cute he is. Will have to be sure that one does not get in the attic.
 photo b328f6c3-f4fa-4c8d-a8d7-e666c60aee2d_zpsd70e1e22.jpg
He is either a baby grey squirrel or a red squirrel who are smaller.........time will tell. I have never seen a grey with so much red on it.
 photo 61508e3e-acd8-4ebf-92e6-5f20d2814018_zps25686831.jpg
Anyway. Today as soon as the snow is melted its back out to work out the front.Set up the fountain and do some trimming and clean up. I should have some pictures later.

Aharing with Adorned from above, always a great party.

also with Lavender Cottage Garden party.


Merlesworld said...

Glad spring has arrived in your neck of the woods.
He is a cute fellow.

Magic Love Crow said...

Lots of things to be done! Last year, I took out 4 trees from the front of our house. It looks so much better! They needed to go. Two were shrubs and two were very old dog wood trees. I love your bird bath! It's going to look nice! Love all your photos ;o) Take Care ;o)