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Monday, August 26, 2013

End of August.................

Its been hot hot today I could not stand it outside. So much needs to be done but no energy or enthusiasm to do it. I like cool weather. The worst thing is the humidity. Still I can't complain when you see the fires out west. At least we have had some rain now and then.
So what's going on in the garden. Not much. Today I did see a Grackle at the feeder. The birds are moulting and look so funny. The Cardinal doesn't even look like a Cardinal and the Blue Jay has a very small head right now. I wont show their pictures this time.
The Grackle is looking rather sharp though, beautiful birds. They look wicked though.
 photo c09619c8-6dd2-4600-9a9c-6e25db7da946_zps9694f5c9.jpg
He saw me at the window and was not about to leave, he found some good stuff in the feeder.
 photo 397d5a9b-ac16-41c7-b22a-60bb2b567e85_zps9270e92c.jpg
You can see the scruffiness of him, feathers out of place and some missing.
 photo d9348b02-7249-47a3-a0ae-c7a1294c197d_zps9731c9d6.jpg
The other Grackle was sitting in the tree waiting for him to finish, it didn't work too well with both on the feeder. They are not small birds.
 photo 5b74a29a-3f65-485f-b3eb-b901aff30f78_zpsb87d3d79.jpg
Meanwhile I was watching a little black squirrel. He didn't seem to want to go up to the feeders because of the Grackels but to my amazement he went and picked some flowers. Then proceeded to eat them. Now, as they were sunflowers I was not too surprised but would have thought that he would have waited for them to turn to seed.
 photo 8eef5ccc-a642-4373-806f-67acda2d63b5_zps177f3cfe.jpg
He sat and enjoyed a couple of flowers, eating the whole thing
 photo f230cd16-5464-4a28-988b-76a66c342896_zpsc54f19c4.jpg
you can see here he is eating the petals as well
 photo e07c14a7-4258-406b-a5bb-46619e987915_zps3ed54c59.jpg

Then its gone.

 photo abb7fe26-ed64-48c5-aa73-c189a9d8f921_zps745a80a2.jpg

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Magic Love Crow said...

Janice, your pictures amaze me! Really! They are so close! You can see every detail! I love it!!! That black squirrel is so cute! He must have been hungry! Grackles are a nice wicked ;o) LOL! Take Care ;o)