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Saturday, August 3, 2013

Beginning of August.......

Here we are in August. The garden is still blooming but has a wilted look to it. We really do need more rain. I have not seen any Butterfly this year, one lonely white one awhile ago. What's wrong?. I have all the right kinds of flowers. Last year the garden was full of them. I think next year I will throw some packets of wild flower mixes into the front garden and the side. See then what comes up.
I was hoping to get out there today but need to wait for the lawn to get mowed. I don't do that. There are two men here who can do that but they procrastinate.
I don't like kneeling in wet grass so I wait. Maybe this evening it will be cool and maybe someone will cut the grass.
I liked these pictures.......Tristen's forgotten dump truck left out in the rain, and puddles in our driveway
 photo 8a0c321c-b394-4e14-ac2a-2a6feb9d586a_zpsb642cde8.jpg

Some pretty close ups of flowers and things
 photo d3345e55-f047-4607-95dc-c9541b1d54e2_zps7e4df88e.jpg
The Blue Jay was wet. He was also determined
 photo 813d8f91-6bc4-4f7c-a1d2-7e75c61b0b39_zps39d7b1b5.jpg
The Day lilies look pretty, and I wanted to show this colour, all the same colour but different patterns
 photo c75f994f-f6a1-4419-812c-72cf6ef8276a_zps8dd11474.jpg
Autumn is in the air.........Tiger lily
 photo 1136b51a-69d0-4036-9908-9989778a1246_zps91d92914.jpg
After the rain, some pretty pictures
 photo 44cbb772-084f-4e59-9ac5-7815c0efec73_zps4d6dcbb7.jpg
More pretty flowers
 photo b2dcc7e2-cb93-4de2-8c5b-ffe503e3ed40_zps3649928a.jpg
This chap really wanted to come to the feeder but I was in the window. It didn't stop the Blue Jay......the squirrel took his time and watched me.....watching him.
 photo 4f41648b-5257-44eb-9118-5c3b210b9424_zps8c014094.jpg

Its all turning to the yellows and orange tones of Autumn......the Mountain Ash berries are changing too
 photo 3cf760c1-76a6-4b0b-8236-6bd88cc9da20_zps91b32947.jpg

Well that,s it for today.............wont be long before we are back to bird watching instead of flowers.....not quite ready for that yet but I do miss my birds.


Loredana Donovan said...

Oh the Blue Jay is so pretty. Lovely flowers ... you do have some autumn colors already ... all the yellow and orange. The squirrel is cute :)

Craftymoose Crafts said...

I haven't seen tons of butterflies either, but I did manage to capture one, in photos of course, that is on my blog now. As always, your photos are gorgeous--thanks for sharing them.

Merlesworld said...

Wonderful pictures.

Magic Love Crow said...

Loving all the photos my friend ;o) You are right, Autumn is in the air! You can feel it! We had very little butterflies too! Take Care ;o)