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Monday, August 19, 2013


What ya know, we hit national news. Well Cadillac did, just down the road aways. A young girl out jogging in the evening was attacked by a black bear, Very unusual around here. They come and go, they walk through the neighbourhoods and usually are not seen. Bear sightings have been up in recent years. In Traverse City where I live, the last few years have seen a lot of bears around here.
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DETROIT Free press - Conservation officers shot and killed a black bear over the weekend and plan tests to see whether it's the animal that chased and mauled a 12-year-old girl as she jogged on her grandfather's wooded land in northern Michigan, authorities say.

However, her grandfather doesn't think the animal killed by the Michigan Department of Natural Resources is the right one.

"It was a real large bear," said Dave Wetherell, 66, on Sunday. "But I don't believe it was the same bear. This one here was between 400-500 pound, the one they killed last night. They feel like the one who attacked Abby was 150 pounds."
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Another person shot a bear as well.He said because it attacked him. I doubt that very much,in any case, so far two bears are dead. Now I can understand the fear, I can understand that the girl was very very lucky to have not been badly injured bears do not normally attack people. Why did this one? No one knows the answer and we cant go killing every bear we see until we find the right one. That is just not fair. What normally happens when one takes a wrong turn and treks through the back yards around here is that they tree the bear, tranquilize it and take it away for a holiday out in the deep woods. This one is different. Why?......cant be hungry as we have loads of berries this year. So for some reason its not avoiding or afraid of people. Maybe it got used to eating from those bird feeders, maybe something about the girl got its attention, who knows. All I know is the killing must stop.

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There must be a better solution. Quit panicking people and calm down. Think.........we all go out in the woods and on the trails, it could happen to any one of us. So.....inform yourself what to do if you meet one. Carry a pepper spray, make sure its a good one and doesn't just piss it off. That would be bad. Don't run, the bear will run to see why you are running and the instinct to chase down prey will kick in. Make a LOT of noise if it sees you, otherwise back away carefully, dont get the heeby jeebies and turn and run until out of sight. Should you be in a situation where you have no choice belt it hard across the nose make a lot of noise and fight. If its going to win, as a last resort play dead. Do all the things you would do if it were a man, kick bite scream and gouge........then faint. this is just tongue in cheek and is really very serious. Those not in Michigan have other wild animals to contend with if you enjoy the outdoors. Educate yourself. While you are at it read a book on survival in the woods or desert if that's your scenario or if you are planning a trip. I did.
Trust me I am not making light of this, but the bears live here too. They have that right and an attack is very rare............don't over react. Please do not go by what I say here. Read up on how to protect yourself. I am NO expert.

Well we have another bear hanging around. I hope it stay safe. The DNR posted this.
From the DNR
Living with Bears

Never intentionally feed a bear! With the exception of baiting for hunting purposes in remote areas, placing food to attract bear near homes, cottages, parks, campgrounds and picnic areas may teach them to associate people with food. This may place them and people at risk of injury.

Black bear have enormous appetites and an excellent sense of smell, and are capable of remembering the locations of reliable food sources from year to year. They will travel great distances to find food. When natural foods such as tender vegetation, nuts, berries and insects are scarce, bear are likely to come into contact with people. Problems occur when bear attempt to feed or actually feed on human foods, garbage, pet foods or birdseeds.

Although most bear are secretive and shy by nature, they will tolerate contact with people when their natural food is scarce. Because they are large and powerful animals, they must be respected.

Black bear are generally fearful of humans and will leave if they are aware of your presence. In the rare circumstance that you encounter a bear that does not turn and leave, first try to scare it off by yelling while leaving a clear, unobstructed escape route for the bear. If the bear stands its ground, makes threatening sounds or bluff charges, you are too close. Take slow steps backward while continuing to talk to the bear in a stern tone. In the rare event of an attack, fight back with a backpack, stick or your bare hands. Black bears have retreated in similar situations.


Merlesworld said...

Good advice lets hope people listen.

Magic Love Crow said...

Good post and excellent advice! I do feel sorry for the wildlife!