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Sunday, August 11, 2013

On the deck.............

I rearranged the deck as the plants were rather blah...........
 photo 867bec10-83e2-47e1-b4c0-df04ee46aaed_zps5dafd2f2.jpg

I tried to revive them by putting in some extras but they soon died off. That would be in the middle planter. So I moved in my Cyclamen to either side to give it colour again. The Hosta that were there are going to be planted in the shade gardens along with some ivy I have sitting around. Time to move things around. I have got loads of Spider plants now as I planted a bunch of babies. So they will all come in for winter so next year I will have even more. Has anyone tried them in the ground?

 photo 61642610-5a2e-4a3f-8725-54ee1c55952a_zpsdcbd7336.jpg
 photo 8a8e7689-5cd2-4a5d-8564-f06014e396a3_zps29e9c6ff.jpg
I am showing several views of the things on the deck. I have an old metal cooler and tool box under a glass table. All of those I got free. I use an old barrel as a side table to hold plants.
 photo c571d4cf-3f36-4891-b771-e7c9cf99d864_zps4f9c611c.jpg
My helpers
 photo 1748fb0c-3f84-48b0-a33b-4e45b4eb9e63_zpsacdb0587.jpg
The potted plants are useful because they can be moved where needed
 photo 5146c220-4da3-45ee-b6b9-12548430d8ef_zps8a0928fd.jpg
The stool is rather dilapidated now and I topped it with a slate so the top does not completely break apart
 photo d40349b9-5f98-4530-adb5-c4aa497964c2_zpsa42017b8.jpg

I moved the old ice box to the back and like it better back there. That gave me another planter to use somewhere else. I love moving things around.

 photo 8102b31b-6c90-4a2f-a2c9-643af0b82550_zpsc0e8527b.jpg

Now I just need to dig the borders again and weed...............waiting for some cooler days.


The Country Nest said...

Love your pictures and the last post on Hostas....I love them too!
I look forward to more garden pics.

JoAnn ( Scene Through My Eyes) said...

I love how you change things up in the garden - the tables and stools are wonderful.

Craftymoose Crafts said...

What fun to change things around--always a new look! The little house looks pretty in that spot, too. We have lots of spider plants--I'm always potting babies, too, LOL, but only indoors. I don't think they could survive the winters here.

Btw, just because you asked...I listed a new flower basket on Etsy--not sure if you saw it on my blog or in my Weebly shop. So far, I have not found another "flat" wreath suitable for trillium. I bought the one you saw at Hobby Lobby when they opened & haven't seen another one since! I'll keep looking though.

Magic Love Crow said...

Your garden rocks! I love it! I love all the unusual things in it! You are very creative Janice! I agree with Deb, I don't think spider plants would be ok outside in the winter.
Take Care ;o)