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Friday, August 9, 2013


One of the workhorses of my garden is the Hosta. Well more than a workhorse really as the shade garden if full of them. I buy more every year.
 photo 62b82e50-9278-47f5-b7f0-6ff4aca62c64_zps08bfd9ee.jpg
What I like most is the variety. I mean they are green right, well they are so much more than green. They have lovely flowers. I know my friend Diane doesn't like the flowers and cuts them off but I don't know why. Still I think they are versatile. In this shot I have some tall ones in a corner with a tub in front with a different colour and some small ones in front.
 photo 0727441e-f4a9-4ed9-ab28-baf492c32bd7_zpse5dd62f8.jpg
This one (ignore the holes, slugs) is a pretty lime. I find that they grow really well in pots and last throught winters just fine.

 photo 740cdb3f-e9f3-4093-825d-33a823236273_zps78daa02e.jpg
This Hosta was repotted this Spring, I don't divide them just yet I want them to get really big first. The ones in the ground don't get so big.
 photo 4972b07e-0de4-4988-9783-ab463a2cc55e_zpsac59a652.jpg
This one is in a good size tub and is getting huge. I may well have to split it next year

 photo 3b229aaf-5bda-42e5-8f7b-fb40ee33b22f_zps519d2025.jpg
you can use so many things as containers. A galvanized bucket makes a great planter
 photo e6efaa53-2826-4e9c-ba0a-8acdb641ef13_zpsc89676da.jpg
They fill in empty spots so well. They seem to flourish in sun and shade. In fact they seem to prefer sun.
 photo 840a7117-5365-47bb-9aa9-6ce2af2d848b_zps1afa741b.jpg

The ones that grow tall really are great in background spots with small flowers in front. I use them to fill in spaces and with ivy for difficult spots.
 photo 5d4ee053-8d04-4dad-9b5a-2e6e262041e1_zpsca7e292b.jpg
The whole of my shade garden is Ivy, Vinca Vine and Hosta's. Well in Spring my forest flowers come through but at the moment its mainly Hostas. I have 3 new ones to put in. The reason I like pots is that they come up a lot quicker than those in the ground

 photo d1eb4450-a009-4bf6-9004-d130596706c5_zps93e84ad3.jpg

This planter is an old chimney cap, concrete. Inside is a planter and this Hosta loves it.

 photo f32d6eef-6748-4e37-9418-c65d0828f35c_zpsf65b73ac.jpg
I will continue to buy them. I use them in containers to place around in bare spots instead of annuals and then at the end of summer I can put them in the garden at back. I think this year I will also plant more ivy back there. It really needs to fill in better.

 photo ecfd2098-b38e-4f22-8d5d-3758f3ce469b_zps01cd746d.jpg

I put slug bait down a couple of times a year. That seems to be the only pest that damages them.
 photo f007e687-21e4-41d8-ab37-839414567eb7_zps93477b62.jpg


Rose Hascall said...

Never thought to plant them in pots. May have to try that with my Tiny Tim one. It gets lost among its bigger cousins.

Magic Love Crow said...

Great post my friend ;o) I have many hostas! They are so hardy!! I can't understand not liking the flowers? They are so pretty! I love the idea of planting them in pots! Take Care ;o) Hugs ;o)

Craftymoose Crafts said...

We have a lot of Hostas, too...I love the purple flowers and wouldn't consider chopping them off! Hope you are enjoying the weekend!