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Friday, August 16, 2013

Rainbow in my garden...............

 photo 3b4203c4-3fc9-400b-93c4-e5cf5a69b643_zps4c02f717.jpg

Well it was really the sprinkler but it was pretty wasn't it.? So are the flowers.
 photo 0928b244-198f-4913-b6c2-8dc5eda237e3_zpsff58c37b.jpg
 photo f24fec37-1752-4063-b927-087dfab57fab_zpsa3ca0a9d.jpg
 photo f3a8f1ac-5539-4b1f-8d3b-d7f488a50750_zps74cf312f.jpg
Had a Robin visit us today.Not sure what she was up to but she was busy.
 photo fe54b65e-b3ea-445f-b9bf-de77ad0e1533_zps51d658b7.jpg
 photo fad61f81-348d-41a0-b3d6-2329b6bd64c8_zps4d2204a4.jpg
The Day Lily's are thriving and they are still really pretty.
 photo 44deba5d-f78d-4c79-91cd-fdf51ecf06d1_zpsbadc2b40.jpg
I keep taking pictures of them because they is sooooooo pretty
 photo f446437c-e36b-4dec-91ca-ce9b200231e8_zps9f94741e.jpg
 photo 48ba444e-70ad-4590-8064-4bb97d4ae068_zps02e03386.jpg
The yellow ones are beautiful
 photo 600d537f-5424-44ee-8155-989f0e6ccfe5_zps8275b96a.jpg
The Black Eyed Susans are blooming
 photo 1a66c729-317d-4a23-861d-df555bc3fce7_zpsd9069cb1.jpg
 photo 386fe3f3-8f8c-44f7-a727-5b4231fe514d_zps0b8cdeaf.jpg
They look lovely with the blue ball
 photo b5242318-e01b-4060-a434-4cacc0b74797_zps9f570ec5.jpg
The Poodles were enjoying the sunshine and Tristen's absence haha
 photo 1ff2b6a7-2b91-43f9-a580-a899bec4205f_zps7e94f7a9.jpg

Meanwhile next door, Bud planted some pretty flowers, I think from seed. So next year I am going to scatter some seeds in my flower beds and see what happens.
 photo 818e2c44-8d86-4071-a0a1-7b3054727d79_zpsfd0f7e82.jpg
 photo 2ebaf2be-6453-4df8-8b6d-56099f851263_zps9498e330.jpg
This Day Lily is blooming and its in the back garden. I must get some more for next year. I think they do so well and are so showy that they really give the garden some colour
 photo f3e81d94-86e2-4a79-b843-3331a5410617_zpscc488358.jpg
This is a poodle obviously up to no good. Look at that face........guilty....don't know what of but it's something
 photo 29749e67-ebf4-453c-9457-8196de7c6125_zpsb4b4c6e1.jpg
I can not believe this only has one flower on it. Must not be in a happy spot. I must see about moving it.
 photo cacbbf1e-5a08-4084-9bab-87bf39e3bdeb_zpsd8ea4d18.jpg
Well thats it for today.................wish there was something exciting going on but nothing............ah well. All for now.


Craftymoose Crafts said...

Beautiful rainbow and flowers!

Loredana Donovan said...

The rainbow looks really pretty. I especially love the pink cone flowers and hydrangeas. Cute poodles! :)

Magic Love Crow said...

I love the rainbow! Beautiful! And speaking of beautiful, I love your flower pictures and the robin pictures! Your poodle made me laugh! LOL! Take Care ;o)