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Sunday, August 4, 2013

August light.............

This picture is not sharp, I took it from a distance but I love the shadows and the front light with dark background.
 photo d94c9406-ca4a-4003-a11a-80d52566a1d7_zps64ad749a.jpg
Geraniums with the dark background again. I love that look.
 photo 8d27ed81-f1c1-45b7-9483-0802055e04ac_zps390cad20.jpg
These Day Lily are also lit from the front. I love how it makes them really stand out and become transparent almost

 photo 5aca15ca-75c2-4155-aa77-75b8d37596ac_zps191390a4.jpg
Some are not quite so dramatic but it still gives a beautiful light
 photo 629f6bed-b509-44e6-9fff-aff1baaa80f7_zps764423a9.jpg
This poor Coneflower is about done for this year
 photo f1872830-dc2c-4dc2-b1bd-03b8377790ea_zps9a4d98fa.jpg
The red never shows well for this flower but the dark background helps a bit
 photo 2b08e00c-3c8c-43db-a666-5eb4980b6c37_zpsc5d7787f.jpg
To follow a few more pictures with front light to give such wonderful shadows in back
 photo 46c9fdb1-9751-4c39-a76d-d26b96fd9336_zps274a0305.jpg
 photo 16b1a187-2d7c-4b38-a1cb-73d5ff6cd507_zps0110832c.jpg
 photo 8c07d162-a082-40c7-bad0-17bcd06e688d_zps83515d78.jpg
 photo 33c52569-7f3b-4f9a-b112-5eed54c27d44_zpsab00613c.jpg

I hope you enjoy these flowers, much the same as others but with a different light. I went out today just to find these subjects when the sun was out.


Merlesworld said...

The tiger lilly is my favourite flower.

Magic Love Crow said...

Simply beautiful ;o) Nature is so magical ;o)

Craftymoose Crafts said...

Your yard must look like a botanical garden--everything is so pretty! I like those unusual red flowers--they almost remind me of bird of paradise.

Pam said...