This blog is about my garden and the outdoors. I am new to photography but I am trying to show some of the pretty things that grow here in Michigan. I love the wild things who visit me and I dont mind if they eat a bit here and there. I like it more if they let me take their picture. As time goes on I think I will try to show you around the beautiful area that I live in as well as my garden. I try to use my own pictures as much as possible but will also use pictures from the web. If I inadvertently use your photo or work without permission please email me and I will remove it or give credit if you prefer. I will give credit when I know who the owner is. I would ask that anyone using my pictures do the same.
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Saturday, November 28, 2015

Where did the snow go?..............

Yeah, the snow has gone. Then again it really looks bad out there. The seed all over the place and the deck now devoid of anything but crumbs and old leaves, slippery and yeuk!!!.I must get out tomorrow and clean the front porch and deck and do some decorating. Maybe that will look better
I have seen my Crows, one did come down when I cawed but I have not seen them since. I got loads of food for them from Thanksgiving. I am reluctant to put it out without the snow it will look aweful. No doubt the cat will get into it as well.
The Squirrels are very busy. I call this one Rusty.
 photo 103_1721_zpsqartblrr.jpg
 photo 103_1717_zpssp22nq8x.jpg
Fat and sassy
 photo 103_1718_zpsf4nonjfs.jpg
There are several of the greys and loads of blacks. The black ones squabble. I think I will call this one Dirty Harry
 photo 103_1724a_zpst3uwrfuj.jpg
 photo 103_1726a_zpsgtjoupy5.jpg
Others watch from a distance, I think that is Rusty again.
 photo 103_1671a_zpsu5iy2den.jpg
There were several finches come in.
 photo 103_1629a_zpsquxavna3.jpg
 photo 103_1651a_zpsz4ndb3mv.jpg
 photo 103_1656a_zpsqlgq5z1u.jpg

Blue Jays are all looking fine in their winter feathers after looking so tatty during the moult
 photo 103_1703a_zps1m8kkglu.jpg
Nuthatch and Chickadee the usual visitors
 photo 103_1681a_zpshvnztsch.jpg
 photo 103_1680a_zpsmfhr0qze.jpg
There were about 12 Mourning Doves. I have never seen them in a flock before.
 photo 103_1634a_zpsad5lr15f.jpg
 photo 103_1631_zpscgr34bha.jpg
Not a lot else going on, I wish we had a few more pretty birds come in. We used to get the Cedar Waxwings but I have not seen them in town in years. Most of Michigans pretty birds stay outside of town in the countryside. Don't blame them.
 photo 103_1709a_zpsyrqqsb9l.jpg
 photo 103_1621a_zpscpdx5qcp.jpg
I will try to liven things up tomorrow. The people along our ally have their lights up. I will try to coax Gerry to put some up. Otherwise I will have to try to do it myself. If you don't hear from me I fell off the ladder OK.

Monday, November 23, 2015

First Snow.......

 photo 103_1547_zpss3xbyt4b.jpg
We had the first snow of the season yesterday November 22nd. Sort of late for Michigan. Considering we were at the beach last Sunday. It sure is pretty, and sunny too. The above picture is our street just outside our house.
 photo 103_1548_zpsg90c7c9t.jpg
So, I made sure my feeders were full ready for visitors. None came. Hmmmmmmm guess everyone stayed home to stay warm. Meanwhile the Bea Balm were all wearing hats
 photo 103_1558_zpsy7g4e59r.jpg
The berries looked very pretty against the snow
 photo 103_1461a_zpszxq417la.jpg
Finally the Chickadees were hungry.
 photo 103_1496a_zpswaprdkak.jpg
 photo 103_1495a_zpsrq5jbtue.jpg
I love how they fluff up
 photo 103_1576_zpsxrcc6vyw.jpg
 photo 103_1577_zpsqdmsfp38.jpg
The cat was NOT happy at all she went out, wanted in, out, in and so on. Chippy stayed away too. This is him the day before enjoying the seeds in the bird house
 photo DSCN5834ak_zpsvxq3squb.jpg
Tristen had fun, he went out right away as soon as he saw it.
 photo 103_1568_zps9qq8gpo6.jpg
 photo 103_1571_zpswcaz4beh.jpg
So next day along came the woodpecker
 photo DSCN5844a_zpslwfho0lx.jpg
And then the Nuthatch
 photo 103_1601a_zps5unfr0ha.jpg
 photo 103_1600a_zps2e77e4hh.jpg
 photo 103_1593a_zpscifosmgr.jpg
The Mourning Doves hang out in the tree, they don't seem to care about snow or much else. As long as there's food.
 photo 103_1596a_zpsjpqodyz9.jpg
 photo 103_1606a_zps5o2srjbt.jpg
Everything looked pretty in the snow with the sun on it.
 photo n_zpsy3bjm5mn.jpg
Maybe some Cardinals will come along and make me some pretty pictures.
I love how the little Chickadees hold the seed and hammer the snot out of it, eat and go in for more.
 photo 103_1491a_zps6rcvrkmj.jpg
Such happy little things, I just love them. The sun on the trees with the snow. Such a beautiful day.
 photo 103_1560_zpsurquzyn3.jpg

Wednesday, November 18, 2015

A Day in the November woods.............

How could we resist a walk in the woods on a sunny day even if it is mid November.Look at the moss in the sunlight.
 photo DSCN5730_zpsk1ms2auy.jpg
The seeds always make a great picture
 photo DSCN5732a_zpsp61prsz6.jpg
We heard a woodpecker. We stood and looked and looked but could not see him. Then I thought Aha, and looked down, there he was poking around on a stump
 photo DSCN5727a_zpsjdul8s9f.jpg
This next moss was really pretty. I find all the little things like this beautiful
 photo DSCN5723_zpsfcg5sqe8.jpg
It looked like Spring seeing the ferns all pretty in the sunshine.
 photo DSCN5754_zpsfkfy68tm.jpg
Do you see the heart. I love that.
 photo DSCN5753a_zpsjiqlecwi.jpg
The Fungus just seemed to want its picture taken.
 photo DSCN5740_zpssasnn7gt.jpg
Its not usual for us to be in the woods during hunting season. I have no orange to wear. It was such a lovely day it didnt seem right that death was stalking in the woods. In fact there was an old man sitting on a log right along the trail. I mean, thousands of acres to hunt in, lets sit facing houses and where people were out enjoying a sunny Sunday one first day of hunting.
More fungus. Pretty.
 photo DSCN5724_zpsdcspnq40.jpg
Looking down from the bluffs when we reached the top, I see a person on the beach below
 photo DSCN5736_zpstr04pwgz.jpg
A lovely if hazy view.
 photo DSCN5745_zpsdnoyymc2.jpg
There were ships out on the Lake. No November gales this day
 photo DSCN5790_zpskftpp7yo.jpg
I don't think we will have many more weekends like this one. Snow will be here soon. It's usually here by now. It's not often that first day of deer season is without the white stuff. Well maybe my next post will be a snowy one?

Thursday, November 12, 2015


Today we had a visit from Mr Chips. Boots has been hanging out around the garage for over a week. She sits on the deck too and watched the door while watching birds at the same time. In fact, she was sitting there dozing while a Blue Jay was on the deck behind her. They should not take her so lightly, she will get them when she is in the mood. She is too lazy most of the time. However, she has depleted the Chipmunk population.
 photo 103_1387a_zpsiuwyvau6.jpg
 photo 103_1388a_zpsrs60ca0y.jpg
He let me get really close
 photo 103_1390a_zpsqgmo2zlz.jpg
 photo 103_1392a_zpsk7urdzsn.jpg
I had my hand right up to him/her and then it decided to take off. I could most likely get it to eat out of my hand. This one is a young one. They are most likely nesting in the garage.
Meanwhile the girls are disgusted, looks like "Mum, what the heck are you doing"
 photo 103_1394_zpssbxi3nd9.jpg
 photo 103_1395a_zpsajn0iqoo.jpg
The Squirrels meanwhile, well they just don't care about anything but the food.
 photo 103_1397a_zpssy9rayoh.jpg
 photo 103_1396a_zps1tyu2wcv.jpg
 photo 103_1385a_zpsz3zl7wt8.jpg
They all look very healthy and plump.
 photo 103_1366_zpsuze0efcu.jpg
The trees are almost bare. The Silver Maple has its buds ready for Spring
 photo 103_1371ab_zpsi5osmit0.jpg
 photo 103_1374a_zpsbff0hjyn.jpg
My camera didn't show the colour as I saw it, they were silver almost white against the sky.
The Blue Jays came despite the cat.
 photo 103_1367a_zpsfkhsj7wq.jpg
 photo 103_1362a_zps4f5kz91z.jpg
Beautiful markings
 photo 103_1365a_zpslm66qnoa.jpg
As the black Squirrel waits his turn in the tree...........
 photo 103_1360_zps9a1vs8bx.jpg
A busy day at the feeders today.