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Wednesday, November 18, 2015

A Day in the November woods.............

How could we resist a walk in the woods on a sunny day even if it is mid November.Look at the moss in the sunlight.
 photo DSCN5730_zpsk1ms2auy.jpg
The seeds always make a great picture
 photo DSCN5732a_zpsp61prsz6.jpg
We heard a woodpecker. We stood and looked and looked but could not see him. Then I thought Aha, and looked down, there he was poking around on a stump
 photo DSCN5727a_zpsjdul8s9f.jpg
This next moss was really pretty. I find all the little things like this beautiful
 photo DSCN5723_zpsfcg5sqe8.jpg
It looked like Spring seeing the ferns all pretty in the sunshine.
 photo DSCN5754_zpsfkfy68tm.jpg
Do you see the heart. I love that.
 photo DSCN5753a_zpsjiqlecwi.jpg
The Fungus just seemed to want its picture taken.
 photo DSCN5740_zpssasnn7gt.jpg
Its not usual for us to be in the woods during hunting season. I have no orange to wear. It was such a lovely day it didnt seem right that death was stalking in the woods. In fact there was an old man sitting on a log right along the trail. I mean, thousands of acres to hunt in, lets sit facing houses and where people were out enjoying a sunny Sunday one first day of hunting.
More fungus. Pretty.
 photo DSCN5724_zpsdcspnq40.jpg
Looking down from the bluffs when we reached the top, I see a person on the beach below
 photo DSCN5736_zpstr04pwgz.jpg
A lovely if hazy view.
 photo DSCN5745_zpsdnoyymc2.jpg
There were ships out on the Lake. No November gales this day
 photo DSCN5790_zpskftpp7yo.jpg
I don't think we will have many more weekends like this one. Snow will be here soon. It's usually here by now. It's not often that first day of deer season is without the white stuff. Well maybe my next post will be a snowy one?


Merlesworld said...

Funny I'm sitting in my front room watching the heat curl up off the road, I wouldn't mind being walking around your wooded area.

Magic Love Crow said...

Gorgeous photos! Truly loved them! It has been so warm and sunny here too! Very weird! Hugs!