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Thursday, November 12, 2015


Today we had a visit from Mr Chips. Boots has been hanging out around the garage for over a week. She sits on the deck too and watched the door while watching birds at the same time. In fact, she was sitting there dozing while a Blue Jay was on the deck behind her. They should not take her so lightly, she will get them when she is in the mood. She is too lazy most of the time. However, she has depleted the Chipmunk population.
 photo 103_1387a_zpsiuwyvau6.jpg
 photo 103_1388a_zpsrs60ca0y.jpg
He let me get really close
 photo 103_1390a_zpsqgmo2zlz.jpg
 photo 103_1392a_zpsk7urdzsn.jpg
I had my hand right up to him/her and then it decided to take off. I could most likely get it to eat out of my hand. This one is a young one. They are most likely nesting in the garage.
Meanwhile the girls are disgusted, looks like "Mum, what the heck are you doing"
 photo 103_1394_zpssbxi3nd9.jpg
 photo 103_1395a_zpsajn0iqoo.jpg
The Squirrels meanwhile, well they just don't care about anything but the food.
 photo 103_1397a_zpssy9rayoh.jpg
 photo 103_1396a_zps1tyu2wcv.jpg
 photo 103_1385a_zpsz3zl7wt8.jpg
They all look very healthy and plump.
 photo 103_1366_zpsuze0efcu.jpg
The trees are almost bare. The Silver Maple has its buds ready for Spring
 photo 103_1371ab_zpsi5osmit0.jpg
 photo 103_1374a_zpsbff0hjyn.jpg
My camera didn't show the colour as I saw it, they were silver almost white against the sky.
The Blue Jays came despite the cat.
 photo 103_1367a_zpsfkhsj7wq.jpg
 photo 103_1362a_zps4f5kz91z.jpg
Beautiful markings
 photo 103_1365a_zpslm66qnoa.jpg
As the black Squirrel waits his turn in the tree...........
 photo 103_1360_zps9a1vs8bx.jpg
A busy day at the feeders today.


Merlesworld said...

Visits from Boots and Mr chips would be fun and the blue jays are beautiful.

Magic Love Crow said...

Awww, I am smiling, thank you!!!