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Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Sunshine makes me happy.........................

Even with the garden in such a mess as it is now its beautiful. The colours, the light. Its magic. I have been filling the feeders and seeing a few more birds coming in. The squirrels are always there. Today the cat (Boots) was laying on the deck and I could hear the Blue Jays screaming. I went out to check, Boots was just laying in the sun but a Blue Jay was down on the deck trying to eat and was not happy that cat would not leave.
 photo 103_1135_zpsdsym8ukq.jpg
 photo 103_1133_zps1036dihf.jpg
The birds have not adjusted to me yet either. I normally stand in the bathroom window to take my pictures. They are skitterish but liked the food so I did get a few pictures.
The colours are just spectacular with the sun on them. The Forsythia right now glows
 photo 103_1159_zpsnu5exrhm.jpg
The Burning Bush is brilliant in the sun
 photo 103_1217_zpszr2cisli.jpg
I was hoping to get some pictures of birds in it while the sun was on but no luck. The Cardinals were chasing each other. Two females arguing over the boy. Wonder if they are this years young? We have about 3 regular pairs come in the last few years.
Look at the Oak leaves
 photo 103_1210_zpsqhcui5bh.jpg
The Poodles are enjoying the sun, but usually wont stay out if I go in.
 photo 103_1037_zpsd0r3s0di.jpg
The red milk churn looks so good in the sun too
 photo 103_1056a_zpsifeaimzx.jpg
 photo 103_0997_zpsdslcdmla.jpg
 photo 103_1020_zpsplfba17r.jpg
Some pretty shots come from that pretty sun light.
 photo 103_1032a_zpseh9vgkk4.jpg
 photo 103_1041_zpsimpajals.jpg
 photo 103_1042a_zpsylpjuflh.jpg
We also have some pretty berries that no doubt will become a treat some time in the Winter.
 photo 103_1049a_zpszurja7zn.jpg
 photo 103_1046a_zpsqlhhwhhe.jpg
How did the frost miss this beauty?
 photo 103_1091_zpsyunrmxz8.jpg
 photo 103_1161a_zpssfjp4exk.jpg
However the Mountain Ash is almost bald. Whatever berries that once had is long gone. Its now just a perch for the birds to eat their snacks. The Squirrels use it as an escape route also. Right now they have thick fur and are fat. They are stacking up on food and should have enough fat to see them through the winter months. They sure eat enough
 photo 103_1219_zpswmawjt61.jpg
 photo 103_1215_zps9xbrwfca.jpg
The sun made everything so brilliant and has been a blessing this last few days. It's not going to last, in fact I do believe that it ends tomorrow. I could use a few more days of this.

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