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Sunday, November 8, 2015

Surprise Surprise.....................

Just as things are getting boring in the garden along comes a surprise. Let me show you.
 photo 103_1306a_zpsbaxct1lo.jpg
Can you believe my luck to have been at the window at the right time. So in flew this Pileated Woodpecker. He tried one tree after the other and I had my camera in hand. Trying to focus without scaring him away was iffy to say the least.
 photo 103_1307b_zpsvzee5ehd.jpg
 photo 103_1313a_zpsve36nbzo.jpg
 photo 103_1313_zps84rjjfwl.jpg
Ah well, so.............the little birds were there too. The snowbirds are back. Junco's naturally. They were hanging out with the Finches and Chickadees and Nuthatches. I was busy watching them when the Pileated flew in. I followed him to the tree out front and then lost him. I came right in to see what the pictures were like. He was not sitting still long enough for me to focus well but these were the best.
 photo 103_1325a_zpskwf8tmtq.jpg
Reina was hanging out with us today. Tristen was at his Aunt Laura's. She was outside helping (?) Granddad.
 photo 103_1289_zpsi5mfri3g.jpg
She seemed to be undoing rather than help but she seemed to have fun.
 photo 103_1288_zps66krrfbw.jpg
 photo 103_1270_zpshmv82cfi.jpg
Most of the leaves are down now, it's been very windy. There are still a lot left so this wont be the last rake because its going to be a nice week. They say it may rain the end of this week but for a few days it is supposed to be nice. This sun has been blinding on the yellow leaves.
 photo 103_1326_zps27wwnwtj.jpg
The road so looks like Autumn with the leaf piles all along the road, people out raking and enjoying this wonderful weather.
 photo 103_1327_zpsv1g1ro9x.jpg
Some other visitors today
 photo 103_1262a_zpsow8zywi5.jpg
 photo 103_1253a_zpswcpnktrd.jpg
 photo 103_1277_zpsyhe6vozh.jpg
 photo 103_1301_zpsarhznyii.jpg
Can't forget the squirrels. They must be fat by now with all they have eaten at my house let along what they get at other houses. They may be a pest but they sure are cute.
I still have to get some stuff in the ground, I really must make an effort before its too late.


Merlesworld said...

You are clever I never have the camera when I get visitors.

Craftymoose Crafts said...

Gorgeous photos--woodpeckers are tricky to photograph. The only times I have heard the around here, they were way way up in a tree and I couldn't spot them to take a photo.

Magic Love Crow said...

Great photos! I love those woodpeckers! They are so big!