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Saturday, November 28, 2015

Where did the snow go?..............

Yeah, the snow has gone. Then again it really looks bad out there. The seed all over the place and the deck now devoid of anything but crumbs and old leaves, slippery and yeuk!!!.I must get out tomorrow and clean the front porch and deck and do some decorating. Maybe that will look better
I have seen my Crows, one did come down when I cawed but I have not seen them since. I got loads of food for them from Thanksgiving. I am reluctant to put it out without the snow it will look aweful. No doubt the cat will get into it as well.
The Squirrels are very busy. I call this one Rusty.
 photo 103_1721_zpsqartblrr.jpg
 photo 103_1717_zpssp22nq8x.jpg
Fat and sassy
 photo 103_1718_zpsf4nonjfs.jpg
There are several of the greys and loads of blacks. The black ones squabble. I think I will call this one Dirty Harry
 photo 103_1724a_zpst3uwrfuj.jpg
 photo 103_1726a_zpsgtjoupy5.jpg
Others watch from a distance, I think that is Rusty again.
 photo 103_1671a_zpsu5iy2den.jpg
There were several finches come in.
 photo 103_1629a_zpsquxavna3.jpg
 photo 103_1651a_zpsz4ndb3mv.jpg
 photo 103_1656a_zpsqlgq5z1u.jpg

Blue Jays are all looking fine in their winter feathers after looking so tatty during the moult
 photo 103_1703a_zps1m8kkglu.jpg
Nuthatch and Chickadee the usual visitors
 photo 103_1681a_zpshvnztsch.jpg
 photo 103_1680a_zpsmfhr0qze.jpg
There were about 12 Mourning Doves. I have never seen them in a flock before.
 photo 103_1634a_zpsad5lr15f.jpg
 photo 103_1631_zpscgr34bha.jpg
Not a lot else going on, I wish we had a few more pretty birds come in. We used to get the Cedar Waxwings but I have not seen them in town in years. Most of Michigans pretty birds stay outside of town in the countryside. Don't blame them.
 photo 103_1709a_zpsyrqqsb9l.jpg
 photo 103_1621a_zpscpdx5qcp.jpg
I will try to liven things up tomorrow. The people along our ally have their lights up. I will try to coax Gerry to put some up. Otherwise I will have to try to do it myself. If you don't hear from me I fell off the ladder OK.

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Magic Love Crow said...

I hope you didn't fall off the ladder! Gorgeous pics! I love my squirrels! They are so cute!! Great post :)