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Monday, November 23, 2015

First Snow.......

 photo 103_1547_zpss3xbyt4b.jpg
We had the first snow of the season yesterday November 22nd. Sort of late for Michigan. Considering we were at the beach last Sunday. It sure is pretty, and sunny too. The above picture is our street just outside our house.
 photo 103_1548_zpsg90c7c9t.jpg
So, I made sure my feeders were full ready for visitors. None came. Hmmmmmmm guess everyone stayed home to stay warm. Meanwhile the Bea Balm were all wearing hats
 photo 103_1558_zpsy7g4e59r.jpg
The berries looked very pretty against the snow
 photo 103_1461a_zpszxq417la.jpg
Finally the Chickadees were hungry.
 photo 103_1496a_zpswaprdkak.jpg
 photo 103_1495a_zpsrq5jbtue.jpg
I love how they fluff up
 photo 103_1576_zpsxrcc6vyw.jpg
 photo 103_1577_zpsqdmsfp38.jpg
The cat was NOT happy at all she went out, wanted in, out, in and so on. Chippy stayed away too. This is him the day before enjoying the seeds in the bird house
 photo DSCN5834ak_zpsvxq3squb.jpg
Tristen had fun, he went out right away as soon as he saw it.
 photo 103_1568_zps9qq8gpo6.jpg
 photo 103_1571_zpswcaz4beh.jpg
So next day along came the woodpecker
 photo DSCN5844a_zpslwfho0lx.jpg
And then the Nuthatch
 photo 103_1601a_zps5unfr0ha.jpg
 photo 103_1600a_zps2e77e4hh.jpg
 photo 103_1593a_zpscifosmgr.jpg
The Mourning Doves hang out in the tree, they don't seem to care about snow or much else. As long as there's food.
 photo 103_1596a_zpsjpqodyz9.jpg
 photo 103_1606a_zps5o2srjbt.jpg
Everything looked pretty in the snow with the sun on it.
 photo n_zpsy3bjm5mn.jpg
Maybe some Cardinals will come along and make me some pretty pictures.
I love how the little Chickadees hold the seed and hammer the snot out of it, eat and go in for more.
 photo 103_1491a_zps6rcvrkmj.jpg
Such happy little things, I just love them. The sun on the trees with the snow. Such a beautiful day.
 photo 103_1560_zpsurquzyn3.jpg


September Violets said...

It's so nice to hear someone talk about snow in such a loving way! I love snow too, and it makes everything a wonderland, and really brings out the birds ... and little boys ;) Aren't chickadees the cutest? I like the way they're not greedy like some birds and politely take one seed at a time. Enjoy your snow ... we had a mere dusting this morning, but it's all gone now.

Craftymoose Crafts said...

Somehow I missed seeing this post...brrrrr! I know you are probably used to it, but it is a bit early for that amount of snow here. Hope it holds off for awhile! Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family!

Magic Love Crow said...

Gorgeous post! Made me so happy inside! I love your pictures!!