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Sunday, May 3, 2015

It;s May, It;s May..................

It's May but we need some April showers.It has been a very long and damaging winter. Looking around my garden, things seem reluctant to come up. I keep looking for signs of life. I am wondering if they are really coming up this year. My Day Lillies are hardly showing, they are hiding. I feel like I should not plant until I can tell if things will come up.
 photo 13945917-8095-4f5d-ad44-421146571f6c_zpsoi37ne63.jpg
It is supposed to rain tonight. Maybe for the next couple of days. I hope it does, maybe that will warm the ground and give everything incentive to make a show.
I do know a lot of damage has been done. I can see from my ivy that a lot is gone. I was at some of the garden centers today and have the overwhelming urge to buy plants. I must resist. I am planning on a new rose garden. I need to move the ones I have and dig up that area. I don't have enough sun for roses but other peoples roses do well with a little shade. SO I will try again.
The Forsythia seems to have run its course and is not doing well. There are a few areas that are OK and I must really try to move some. Meanwhile........enjoy some of the Spring flowers that have deigned to show up.
 photo d0337f03-909e-468b-9d14-6af9b6b49407_zpswvtnv8yv.jpg
 photo 1c4b508f-b588-4641-9712-070719aa94d4_zpsdmkcqfwh.jpg
 photo fc56f17a-2a84-4ee6-a289-0a327306569f_zpsi1utoadf.jpg
 photo bbf2b39a-91cb-4f00-9cfe-9f9662efb61f_zpssusmwxi7.jpg
 photo cd473260-e40b-4a2e-ac6e-983eb809c8a0_zpsk1yav4iw.jpg
 photo f9aae29f-206f-4b9a-9740-7fd24d443462_zpspeapjt8z.jpg
 photo 3f66fec4-c1ee-4c99-83f3-dade001823a2_zps1j7yappg.jpg
I have wildflowers in my garden as well. I don't remember how that came about, I got some Trillium years ago and with that came a few other things maybe. The Trillium has spread but wish it would spread more. I would love to get more but its now against the law. I just have to hope they continue to spread. I have some Dutch Mens Britches and some little blue flowers. I wish they would hurry up and spread. Funny how the stuff I no longer want to spread does so more every year no matter how much I pull.
 photo d121c65b-f872-4b2a-9327-8b6ba52a3bd0_zpsvmey54w0.jpg
 photo e6a0b7b7-8ad7-41c7-9087-bf68991e4578_zpswgw8evkg.jpg
 photo 8886bac0-5e02-4861-b776-5e39e9400f37_zpsxu9dzqt6.jpg
 photo 219f3328-567b-4a49-8a27-6367a9850447_zpsprzqsgsd.jpg
I will be very happy if the grass would green up. The grass is a problem. Tristen plays out there, the dogs pee out there. Its hardly grass anymore. Still I will try to put down some seed and see how it goes. For now nothing looks nice. Maybe I should just spray paint it green and be done with it.
 photo 2a3be983-1841-44bf-9d86-fde92ef95f14_zpsl34rw5aq.jpg
I have little pathways throughout the garden for the dogs to play on, to chase around. I work on them every year trying to make them more interesting. Still so much to do. I remember in a park in Dunstable, I was intrigued with some little hidden paths where you could be hidden from view. I am aiming for something like that but it takes so long for anything to grow, I need some fast growing shrubs that like shade. I need some alternatives to grass. Or grass that grows quickly and will hold up against kids and dogs.
 photo 75f7b46e-5f86-4a70-9649-8b40c49958ab_zpsulace7yo.jpg
I love rocks and this rock garden needs some work as does everything else.
 photo b00c4ad9-7f8c-419b-bb52-666c4376a68f_zpsk5rzmilh.jpg
 photo fe2a34a5-b0d7-4993-b880-a3554bb88b2b_zps3vm3chx4.jpg
Another area I am working on. It was all shrubs last year. I have cut back the shrubs as it was dead or dying and scraggly. So, now I have the bird feeders there and will use this area to access those. I will put some tubs of flowers in there for interest.
 photo 100_6542_zps2tn0u6cr.jpg
Its a new area and so I will have to think about what to do with it, the rose does well there, the only rose I have that has thrived. maybe I should plant another rose in there?
 photo 100_6540j_zpsqpjrd0yj.jpg
This makes a nice picture I think, one of my old ploughs.
 photo 100_6531_zpsi4hj48br.jpg
Last picture for least my hosta's do not fail me
 photo 100_6532_zpszhq7kwbx.jpg
So as I sit here and hope for rain, I also hope for a good nights sleep. It's humid again tonight. It was 80degrees today. I can't work outside in that. Thats ok, I have a lot to do inside tomorrow.


Magic Love Crow said...

You have brilliant gardens Janice! A lot of fun! I love rocks too ;o) Instead of grass, grow clover ;o) It's easy and spreads and is so hardy!!!

Magic Love Crow said...

Spray painting the areas green could be good too! LOL!

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