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Monday, April 27, 2015

A few things to prove its Springtime..........

Yes it's here, it really is. I even went to the store to get garden stuff. i am so excited. I got some mulch and today I finished spreading that and raking the front garden. Now down to the nitty gritty. I must turn over some of the dirt and get things loosened up. Help the worms out airing out the soil. Maybe tomorrow.
 photo be009f9c-a2bb-486f-9523-a0336cfb1f4e_zpsk3y7fugk.jpg
I have my fountains working. I moved them to new spots so I can see the birds enjoying them. I rearranged the bird feeders. I am happy to report the fish are doing fine. The young one who is black is now turning orange, you can see it now.
 photo 204f2d6e-e1f1-4e5e-bda3-bd21f3d6b2ca_zpsbfw9wstp.jpg
The garden is looking good, as good as it can before anything begins to grow.
Another good sign of Spring around here are the babies, the Olson buffalo herd. Baby buffs.
 photo d77d1ae8-828e-4654-9246-1288907938d2_zpsq27xrjku.jpg
I just had to stop to take some pictures. I kept meaning to but things just kept on happening and so they are getting big already.
Well while we were watching two big boys were fighting. That was fun to watch, I guess they were not too serious like they may be in the wild but hey, it was fun to watch.
 photo e398ee75-24ad-4c41-bf45-b979535fbea1_zpswpjp6k3l.jpg
Then there were the ones having a dust bath
 photo 6e037c4f-97ad-4a9d-b2c8-cb124e948706_zpsfbnlac7a.jpg
Then we saw a baby all on its own. We were a bit worried about it, then mum goes over and kicks it and up he gets and trots off just fine. There are a few small ones yet, but most are half grown now.
 photo a59bc099-098a-440b-91d8-b5103f59a04a_zpssycipsdh.jpg
Well, back to the garden. I have enjoyed the birds all winter and now not too many come to the feeders. I suppose they are busy with nests and families and are finding food just fine. The Chickadees still come, the Cardinal now and then and the yellow finches pop in now and then.
A couple of days ago I saw my first butterfly. butterfly last year and now one already. It came to the fountain I had moved. Maybe this is a good sign????
 photo c1fa5d57-20df-4dd2-8ea4-09172f6f36a3_zpsdpcprc2k.jpg
 photo 4d602a29-cbc4-495f-a3eb-f00a1b109cb0_zpserthto8p.jpg
Maybe they came last year and I just didn't see them? Well I will be watching close this year
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El : ) said...

Baby buffs. : ) So cute. : ) It's me Janice : ), El : ). Can you tell by the smilies? : )

September Violets said...

I have been very sporadic with visiting everyone in blogland, and have missed reading your blog. We used to have a herd of buffalo (and elk) up the road from my house in a conservation area, but I don't think they're there anymore. It was always good to see them out there below the escarpment. Your photos take me back :) I still have to get my water fountain operating, and you've inspired me to attend to that this coming weekend. I've been lazy about the backyard so far ... having snow last week puts me off. Today I have the patio door open to the kitchen, and it's so nice to smell the fresh air inside!

Magic Love Crow said...

Beautiful, beautiful post!! Love seeing the buffalo ;o)