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Tuesday, April 14, 2015


I think it's here, I really do....Spring that is. The Snowdrops are really showing off at the moment. It rained yesterday and today I see Hyacinth popping through.
 photo 3389b003-a42a-4d8f-aac2-57ce3f4b4f14_zpsww3ddj0z.jpg
 photo 9fb557e0-ff67-44af-936a-6cef2fe8b008_zps5cq2wi6f.jpg
I spent today raking the front yard. What a mess it is out there at this time of year. The back we finished a few days ago. I don't like to leave the back when I am on a roll but the front had to get a start. I am pooped. It felt so good to get started though. Gerry said he had raked but I got about 4 wheel barrow loads out there to the curb today. I can now see what's coming up.
I moved the fountain from the front to the back. I like to make things look different. We seldom if ever sit out front so I will enjoy the fountain out the back now, I can see the birds making use of it.
 photo 0fe95d71-e40d-45e5-93bc-642c554e2689_zpsjq3qx7vg.jpg
It needs a new pump. I moved the little boy fountain into a corner that we can see as well. I will redo his area this year, from where he used to be. I am enjoying getting outside and getting enthused at the changes.
The fish showed up. I was a bit worried but all 4 are there.
 photo 0f6b2585-90e5-403d-8d37-39c51088ec91_zpsdeprztyn.jpg
I moved my small fences to encircle some of the flower beds, in the hope of keeping Tristen's feet off the gardens. We moved his play house. We cut down a Rose of Sharon bush, it was straggly and I was not fond of it. SO we put his house there and moved his sand box next to it. I am hoping to keep him contained in one area. Yeh like that will work.
 photo 85037787-d5aa-4204-962d-f3085d8868a4_zps0dxxgdww.jpg
It's still looking a mess at the moment but we will be working on that. AT least it's confined to one area now. I have to figure out what I want to do in the back shade area now. Its nice to have it back with out all the toys and sand box.
That will probably be my summer project. Meanwhile I disturbed this guy.
 photo 8a269441-88b9-41de-9808-5463b24cb5a5_zps4bcfnk3e.jpg
I was watching a small woodpecker across the road.
 photo 59306de9-5a52-4c3b-80ca-5ee15fd84fce_zpsvzdcnnpf.jpg
The poodles are enjoying being able to get outside. They love just sitting on the deck if Tristen is not around. You can see in this picture the edging that I put around. I would like to find some more. I got that several years ago and have used it somewhere different every year. It's heavy and I have not found any more like it.
 photo 4f202d17-c0b6-47d9-820e-ebbd9d609377_zpsvgiqzgyi.jpg
The water Iris is growing back, its a pretty yellow plant and the fish love to hide in its roots
 photo d6d8fe95-0fe8-4c69-abbe-af58d58ec11b_zpslbpcc0bv.jpg
Look at the leaves popping
 photo c17b6792-f4ae-42c0-8cb9-87be21194ba4_zpswi1eak8p.jpg
Every day they get bigger and open a little more. The other trees are tight buds, this a a type of Maple. I think a silver maple. I have been watching the birds. We must have a Cardinal nesting close by because he is up at the crack of dawn every day in the tree outside my bedroom. He hangs out in the back yard, I can hear him now. Noisy little beggar. Good to see them nice ad healthy though after such a cold winter.


Debbie Harris said...

Janice, what a wonderful post with all your creatures moving about.
Yes, spring is here! Where I live this time of year can be so dirty from all the winter snow.Its the best time to go away to a place that is warn and then come back to new growth. We are ahead of ourselves with the snow melt this year. I'm concerned we will have a dry summer.

Our wild Turkeys, all 19 of them, are nesting right now so I only need to feed them every couple of days. They sure make the winters enjoyable with their visits.
Its nice to visit with you, I've had a long and busy winter caring for my parents.

Take care~ Debbie

Magic Love Crow said...

Everything is looking beautiful! I just finished cutting some of the evergreen trees and raking. Have fun Janice!