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Saturday, March 28, 2015

Poodles again.................

I did get a few pictures of the girls today. So in lieu of garden pictures, here are some pretty girls.
Here we have Bella in front and Brea behind. Still for a change to take a picture.
 photo 6b288ba2-2d01-4510-b96c-a5fdf841d0cf_zpslb6uvimd.jpg
Sweet Bella, she is such a good little girl, quiet. She seldom barks. Unlike another couple I could mention. When she wants to play though, she will annoy the heck out of Bodi, she will take her toys and run off with them. So she has her moments. She loves to snuggle.
 photo e4cab328-d3c7-4c3d-9c50-4d527240ee08_zpsbn0s8xzw.jpg
Brea, she is the smallest of the four. Well she was. She has put on some weight. They all need to get out and get some exercise. She has a cute face, delicate looking. She is the naughty poodle, mischief, defiant, noisy. She is adorable.
 photo 1f94e974-bcce-43d5-8902-543dc57a51e1_zpsvfceninq.jpg
Here is Boots, enjoying some sun in the garden. She came in, even she does not like the cold.
 photo 306c27ee-ac99-48bf-b131-4a2c4634c341_zpstjani9il.jpg
 photo 5f2489cd-9790-44ec-bf86-77a8a84a3bc3_zpsvh5hpmtd.jpg
Then there is Bodicea, she enjoys cooler weather for much the same reason I plus size models get warm in the house. Bodi is the one everyone has always loved, she is the cuddly one and Tristens favourite.
 photo 932523fb-3c22-4371-86ec-fae3441d6b74_zpstzhmmpvd.jpg
It looks like they will all be needing hair cuts once it begins to warm up. Looks like someone dropped a treat
 photo e384803a-b458-4c7f-92a3-7df8def5831a_zps48ioflwy.jpg
Bijou is the white poodle. She has recovered from her surgery and is doing well. She likes her new dog food and so all is well in the poodle world for now. We do have to get them in for teeth cleaning but that has to wait for now. They do like the heating pad though, when its cold outside.
 photo 13136b08-d6ae-4f33-afd8-2268655cc8be_zpsy1tei9iq.jpg
Bijou is a pretty poodle. Then again, I have never known an ugly one. She is also the pest, the pain in the butt, the instigator. She barks a lot. Gets the others going.
 photo 68a58b0a-3789-4119-825c-efd7b0c25462_zpsjmyrkg5r.jpg
I had the gate open and Bijou and Brea were out in the garden with me. Bodi and Bella would not come out, they said it was too cold.
 photo d585e810-fffb-42fc-92ca-55ea18070506_zpssqta0pku.jpg
Brea enjoys running outside and exploring the bushes. I think she smells rabbits, but the rabbits would be bigger than she is. At least the ones I have seen are.
 photo 7f2c50cf-ff39-4792-82e0-af3e27b3caa3_zps24dwm6z9.jpg
This is Brea being defiant again. "Come on in" says I. "Don't have to" says Brea
 photo 60a452c4-da83-4646-87d4-9d4aceb2a700_zps53hfpjuv.jpg
Boots says I'm coming in.........
 photo 02f6018a-e266-42d6-ac0c-7fef5a71e0e4_zps43u1uyfk.jpg


Merlesworld said...

Great looking furry bundles.

Magic Love Crow said...

They are so adorable!! Big hugs to your fur babies ;o)