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Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Is it Spring?.........

Can it be true? it was quite warm today. I would have worked outside but would have needed a boat. The ice is coming off the roof and leaving puddles and chunks. We still have to take care of that area this Spring. We need some sort of cover for the deck. An awning or a porch roof. Not sure yet. We also have to put in the window where the old door is. So much needs to get done. When we have that all sorted out the next project should be the fence........but maybe the porch at the side. If we do that we can put in two new windows. Its a question of money as always. What we can and can not do. next job is cleaning up this mess.
 photo 39842137-eab8-457a-8380-948a737215a5_zpsv8lx6pdh.jpg
Its a terrible mess of old bird seed and poop. It is after all the poop deck all Winter.
Well I must get to it as soon as all the ice comes down. The house just shuddered as a whole bunch came down. Scary to think someone could be under it. Have to do something about that sooner rather than later.
Meanwhile The Cardinal was in full throttle this morning. Singing his heart out he was. A couple of Crows were chasing a Hawk. Busy time this Springtime, they all have the fever too.
 photo 40643f7b-a50b-430e-8972-8271b58f92b1_zpso8bd3ikm.jpg
The Cardinal boy was trying to impress someone. A yellow finch showed up and sat up there with him but he was rejected and the finch flew away before I could get a picture.
 photo 4fcd45ac-bc8b-4579-bb11-fdb8a3be5de1_zps7tjckpf7.jpg
 photo 17e27743-e209-427a-bba2-3a3f4d2a695a_zpsuldyngr0.jpg
The regulars have yet to be bitten by the mating bug, the Nuthatch is the girl and she was not impressed neither was the Junco girl.
 photo d9247688-7f3f-4172-b6fc-8fb1f9d5d04b_zpshsrnjffu.jpg
 photo 4af8a302-4ae5-46b8-bc55-51be2fbd904a_zpshjgvkoob.jpg
I just can not wait to get cleaned up, clean those feeders and scrub the deck off. Shovel the pathways and make their feeding grounds healthy again. Right now I am not enjoying seeing the mess but the Squirrels are not fussy apparently and there is a lot of seed left so waste not want not I guess.
This morning the moon was still up as it began to get light.
 photo c882f6fa-b332-49b3-88df-fe66d09b6a1e_zpsjspgj5tj.jpg
Well maybe my next pictures will show a cleaned up snowless back garden??????? Lets hope. They say the snow should be gone by the weekend. Its Spring Its Spring woo hooooooooo but yet, we do get some good winter storms in March so I must make the most of it.

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Magic Love Crow said...

Beautiful pictures! You are right, we do get some bad storms in March! You never know! I love Spring, but it is the clean up I don't like! It's like Autumn, when the leaves fall! LOL! But, I am happy Spring is here ;o) I keep looking outside too and thinking, I have to rake! LOL! Hugs ;o)