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Tuesday, March 17, 2015

It lives...........................

I went out into the garden the last two days. I had to see what I could see. I swept the back path and now have a large pile of leaves. It is still very cold because its so windy. The temperature only in the 30s today, but it was sunny. Tomorrow may be a bit warmer. I really wanted to get working, it was just too bitter cold. I did find a few things growing though. First off I was so happy to see that at least two of my fish are hanging in.
 photo cb0f36f9-2cf1-4f07-b31e-6e0e87d2adce_zpsxm8h3urn.jpg
I took the chicken wire off the top yesterday but have not seen the fish since then.
 photo 3e84caaa-8a65-452b-9942-9f56f41beab4_zpshyndriis.jpg
However the pump is working. If it would just warm up a bit I could start to get some of the leaves out of there. I tried today but my fingers froze. The Ivy is doing well though and every day I can do just a little bit more. Meanwhile the Mourning Doves are courting. The two of them were sunning on the garden arch. I bet this is the female preening
 photo 535b4996-e979-423b-8c7b-9da2f8026756_zpsd3grpj80.jpg
They will be nesting soon because they were doing naughty things in the tree yesterday.
There are shoots coming through the dirt, woo hoo..........
 photo bb0d6f37-b71c-4759-b1eb-435975fdbb95_zpsxh5rclpv.jpg
So good to see the garden coming alive. A miracle every year. The Holly is looking nice even so, there is no other colour out there at the moment.
 photo b99cd64a-e841-461d-97cf-18b7333cdaa2_zpseye3uwus.jpg
 photo 75df3d6f-97ee-47b9-9035-e19046e6f0c0_zpshbzpvlwa.jpg
watching the trees beginning to think about it
 photo 518c8ab8-e7c3-41fc-b66e-25aea6c18c89_zpsyeebjzab.jpg
Tomorrow I want to get out and clip back the grape vines before the sap starts to run. It makes a mess if I wait. The birds have made great use of it this winter. No one nests in it though. I have had several nests around the garden though so I wonder who will try this year?.


Merlesworld said...

The beginnings of spring you just can't beat it.

Craftymoose Crafts said...

So you did make it outside to do a little clean up yesterday! Brave one you are. I can't tell if we have any shoots because there is still too much snow on the ground. It is flurrying as I write this--I hope nothing more!