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Thursday, May 7, 2015

Hot day............

It got to 87 degrees today. Told ya. Goes from freezing to 90, no inbetween. Well, it's going down again next week into the 50s. I had to put the sprinklers on today. I went to Lowes because I needed some potting soil and I told Tristen I would get more sand. I like the new spot that his sand is. He seems to like it too, at least he plays with it now. Yesterday I spend a lot of the day planting flowers in pots. No matter if I was inside or out I had my little band of faithful followers.
 photo 2aa7f63a-92f8-4b36-bcd7-69eb5effba53_zps9ccymequ.jpg
Brea stayed in the house while the cat snoozed on the deck
 photo 17c411d7-ec45-4cca-ad00-3fe8ac5c8f09_zpsxnckapoi.jpg
I have bought quite a few plants. I didn't mean to. I also did not mean to get more today, except that I had to go get some more potting soil. SO I bought this beautiful rose. Some Lavender and a few other things along with some pots. I really must NOT go back.
 photo 60af1ba0-66ad-499f-8915-a0b1d8d4b962_zpsggj5lh3l.jpg
 photo f8810ab6-f42f-4fd7-b567-fd2d2bc0cf9c_zpsjtkl8y8h.jpg
I now have another bunch of plants to plant. Isn't this a pretty daisy. I couldn't resist
 photo a259f0b3-13a2-46d5-a72c-67a3760f7c92_zpsnkw7esds.jpg
I still had some Hosta that did not get planted last year but they are just coming through. I got two more. This area is one I am working on at the moment. I had cut those junipers back and its rather bald out there. SO.....I found an old piece of trellis to fill the gap and put some old bird houses by it. I am going to have to dig up a lot of violets so I am thinking of putting them there and under the pines out front. I am wondering if some Hosta would survive in that spot because a lot of snow gets piled there. Maybe I should just pot them and put them there instead of in the ground. A work in progress
 photo 4a8dced7-a48a-4197-9d4e-fe46902381f8_zpsckv8bg1j.jpg
I bought two Boston Ferns, one for the deck and one to fill in a gap to the shade garden.
 photo 87c37c12-875c-40ce-844f-aa63329f1541_zpscm8tjlsc.jpg
 photo d6ee9492-7151-49a6-9e3e-872bb999e284_zpsiasw2nec.jpg
Everything will look better when the leaves are fully out. Right now everything is very open. I need some more shrubs in the very back to cover the fence lines. The ivy back there was damaged a lot during this past winter.
 photo d6ee9492-7151-49a6-9e3e-872bb999e284_zpsiasw2nec.jpg
It's nice to have a few thing to share for a change. I will leave the rest for another day.


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Coming along beautifully my friend!!!

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