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Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Another Spring day..................

I stayed inside today. It was over 80 and humid. Not something I can handle. I did get Gerry to dig some holes to put in the Trillium we got at the building site yesterday. I had to get those in the ground. It was just horrible out there. It rained all night, good for the garden, but being hot just made it muggy and buggy. Yeuk!!!! So I will post some pictures from yesterday.
 photo 100_7158_zpsorrkzwvk.jpg
 photo 100_7157_zpsxulf47jh.jpg
 photo 100_7156_zpsmd9zbubf.jpg
So now I need to work on the back shade garden. I want to put the rocks back there and I want to make a bench and a planter from the logs.
My Azaleas are doing pretty well, the older ones are the biggest neadless to say. I am thinking I need to trim them up but that can also wait.
 photo 100_7150_zps6tnxmdlp.jpg
 photo 100_7148_zpsflikddpe.jpg
Some of the flowers are looking pretty. I forget at the moment the name of this one but it's coming along nice and last years came back up. I was expecting to see Icelandic poppies but that's not what came up.
 photo 100_7130g_zpshklffkov.jpg
The new Iris has continued to bloom and I do so love the colour. I will look for some pink ones I think
 photo DSCN4508h_zpsjk1cmpe3.jpg
I am loving the lime coloured Hosta. It has done very well in pots so I will get a few more. I like them in pots because they come up quicker. They ones in the actual garden are only just popping through. This rain will do the trick though
 photo 100_7127_zpsp5qz2vin.jpg
By the time I get things the way I want the summer is gone. I love this pink colour I bought several of these little things. My mind is disfunctional tonight. Its the heat
 photo DSCN4511y_zpsgthhz5kt.jpg
Meanwhile the girls enjoyed the garden yesterday when it was a lot cooler. Me too
 photo 100_6978_zps2l0ghmeb.jpg
 photo 100_6976_zps3ltplh73.jpg
We even had a cute is this?????
 photo 100_7141u_zpsd0yvugsp.jpg
 photo 100_7144j_zpszuoynvv8.jpg
Always welcome to my garden, probably not so much over in Bud's garden haha.....if only he knew.

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September Violets said...

I've just been reading this post and the previous one with all your beautiful blooms Janice! Wow! Your garden looks amazing! I really have to get in more flowering bushes to my gardens, they make such a difference. I hope you show what you make with the logs for a bench. And rocks! I love rocks, and on the weekend my husband and I visited the gardening store, and ended up walking through their rock section, it was nice to see all those big rocks ;)