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Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Weatherman best be wrong!!!!!................

Cheerful Charlie last night said we may just see a little snow in the morning, not to worry it will just be a little bit. What the heck it was bloody well 90 yesterday. SO today is back in the 40s. No snow so far but my daughter in law posted a picture of her place in the UP. Yes that is snow.
 photo 10931426_10206177067813187_4371710304414702725_n_zpsirpliz0f.jpg
I am hoping we do not get a freeze tonight or it could damage a lot of plants. I still have some veggies to pot up but will not be doing that today. I brought them inside just in case.
Meanwhile I took some pictures yesterday.
 photo 4193b2ea-9023-4058-98ec-593b780722bc_zpselmoo8va.jpg
Things are beginning to blossom and I would hate to see it all frost bitten.
 photo deaux_zpszsk9assh.jpg
My new Iris is doing OK and so pretty, I hope it thrives.
 photo tri_zpshvaukv5g.jpg
 photo tri1_zpsrmsymk8w.jpg
 photo tri2_zpseaeichtg.jpg
Such tender young things. I must hope for the best. Too much to cover although I may cover the Hibiscus and put the Spider plants under the table on the deck. Those are easy enough to move and cover. Other things are just beginning to take off.
 photo tri3_zps7mp24wuw.jpg
Then in the shade garden at the back we have a tent up for Tristen for the summer. He and the girls will have fun with that.
 photo 100_6923_zpsnmjlqges.jpg
Finally my piece of garden art from last year, that got broken.....well I am using that as a plant stand and I like it better for that. It's holding some Citronella for mosquito's and that is next to my chair on the deck.
 photo 100_6929g_zpsjzh6umda.jpg
Well the sun is out for now........still very cold. I would not mind being outside working but am still fighting a cold/cough. Not feeling so good anyway so will just rest for just better not shoot back up to 90 degrees tomorrow. This weather is crazy even for Michigan.


Merlesworld said...

The weather men often get it wrong let's hope so this time.

September Violets said...

It is crazy weather here too. Hot on Monday, and today the temperature just plummeted after lunch. Brrrr! Your DIL can keep her snow ;)