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Saturday, May 23, 2015

Memorial Day weekend...........

Day one, Saturday May 23. I will have to show a few things I saw in the garden today. It needed to be watered. The frost didn't do as much damage as I dreaded. So unless we get some more I think I may be ok. I did plant the peppers and put in some Sage and something else (I forget) I have some seeds for kale and something else. (I forget) Its been a busy day, so my memory not so good.
Well, the garden is smelling rather fragrant what with Lilac in bloom and the flowers on the Mountain Ash.
 photo 100_6973h_zpsvkt6o5at.jpg
 photo 100_6975j_zpsbzlnt7xc.jpg
The Mountain Ash was a very busy place......The Robin followed me around, he didn't care how close I got. I sat down and took a couple of pictures
 photo 100_6986k_zpsvr9repyj.jpg
 photo 100_6985j_zpszciaxyah.jpg
It was nice sitting out front for a change. I also saw a Butterfly. I have seen more this year tha in the past 5 years I think
 photo 100_7004j_zpscm6osqti.jpg
 photo 100_7011j_zps2pngvldz.jpg
The view from the seats is nice, it will be really nice once the flowers are all out. The garden gets busy then, with bees, butterfly and I hope some Humming birds.
 photo 100_6990_zpstsrobm7o.jpg
 photo 100_6991_zps1tr5nisa.jpg
 photo 100_6992_zpsher34vlo.jpg
The Rose is still thriving, miricle of miricles. I sure hope it lives. I must feed and strengthen it during the summer.
 photo 100_7000_zpszb1vozot.jpg
The Quince is in bloom too, one is deep pink and this one orange. They are both lovely.
 photo 100_7016_zpsmceo1bar.jpg
Forgetmenots they come up all over. They are allowed to bloom where they want and can always be pulled if they get out of hand. Like the Violets that come up in the grass.
 photo 100_7014_zpszhkpws6m.jpg
 photo 100_6979j_zpsfldpvuik.jpg
Meanwhile, I had thought my plant I put in the driveway was frost bitten. I sprayed it and it came back just fine. I hope it will thrive now
 photo 100_6977h_zpsxxkoyzzy.jpg
If it does well I must try to bring it inside next Fall.

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Merlesworld said...

Great pictures, love the bee the garden is looking good too.