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Friday, June 5, 2015

June 2015...........

I love my garden, but I do so miss my Dad's garden in England. It seems that nothing blooms here at the same time. In England it seemed everything bloomed at the same time and all summer. Our seasons are so short and nothing lasts.
This is a Granny Bonnet, she is a bit different to some of the others I have had. I have never had a lot of luck with them except in containers. The ones planted in the garden are not even fully developed yet, let along blooming. SO I think I will dig them up and repot them in a container.
 photo DSCN4560i_zpsfrgszrak.jpg
 photo DSCN4559k_zpsfnacvc6c.jpg
The water Iris are blooming nice, and the plant has got really big now. At some point I must divide it and maybe start another water garden. Not sure how well they will do in a bucket during the winter though????? anyone know?
 photo DSCN4557o_zpsg3ruxxfz.jpg
 photo 100_7300_zpskhqmdgs3.jpg
The girls have been enjoying being outside a lot. Its been cool enough to enjoy but sunny enough to lay out in.
 photo 100_7303_zpsnlxvr4nz.jpg
 photo 100_7295jk_zpsmwi0bmwx.jpg
 photo 100_7310_zpswqojcpi5.jpg
I went for a walk over to the neighbours to get some pictures of his Iris. Well this is how they greated me when I came back. The little one Brea has the biggest mouth. Bella and Bijou came to look too. Bella does not bark.
 photo 100_7290_zpsb82ti56p.jpg
 photo 100_7288_zpsdfr901vm.jpg
I want to do something with this old tin tub, I am thinking it will be a water garden some day. Till then, it can sit there.
 photo DSCN4550_zpsbgpbwya7.jpg
The newest garden I am surrounding with rocks. Bud my neighbour won't like that. He doesn't like much that I do but ah well. I wish I could afford a fence. Gerry brought a few rocks home from where he is working but I need some more to finish the back. I am hoping my rose does well there, it gets more sun than anywhere else.
 photo DSCN4547_zpsfpiimzx5.jpg
I bought a new Lavender but need a sunnier place for it. I am using one of the logs I got from where Gerry is working. It makes a nice stand to sit on but, not sunny enough there. I must find a better spot. I think I will put a Hosta in a pot and sit it there though. I quite like that look.
 photo DSCN4548_zpsjb45aooy.jpg
The Hibiscus is doing great. I would get a couple more but they have to come inside for winter and I really do not have a place to put them. They had a nice yellow one.
 photo DSCN4541i_zpseoy9nca7.jpg
I love the lime green Hosta, I will get a few more when I go back. I had promiced myself I would stay away from the plant shops till June, well June is here and I am in need of more Hostas and??????
 photo 100_7193_zpsjcza75lb.jpg
So I took this picture of a Dandylion before it blew away. I let them grow until they go to seed and then pull them. Some people see a weed, some people see a wish. I see beauty.
 photo 100_7162h_zps3aobamdk.jpg
 photo 100_7162i_zpsuyb5tadb.jpg
 photo 100_7162hk_zpszgwzrhfm.jpg
Spirea is blooming. After they are done blooming I will cut them way down. Next year they will thicken up and do better. They have got rather thin and tall. Besides my Lilac needs more light.
 photo 100_7160y_zpsze4d2stf.jpg
I was sitting resting, I looked up and the sky was so beautifully blue against the lime of the new grapevines. Bud wants me to cut them down as they are somewhat dead in the middle. I said no the birds like them, he rolled his eyes haha. I may trim them though if I can ever find time to do that. I don't mind having dead stuff because the birds can sit in it when its cold out.
 photo 100_7302u_zps37vczpzi.jpg
Enough for now......every day there are more pictures to take and so much to do outside. I love seeing everything blooming and the butterfly and birds enjoying the summer weather. Lots of bird baths in my garden and drinking stations for bugs and bees.

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