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Sunday, June 21, 2015

Wild Flowers................

What is the difference between wild flowers, weeds or garden flowers (cultivated) Some garden flowers I see here in the US are wildflowers in England. I am sure thats true all over.
I love Wildflowers, they are hardy and bright and know their place. I mean, they know where they belong in order to thrive.
Here is a selection of pictures taken last week on our trips.
 photo 100_7758u_zps99gnnshj.jpg
 photo 100_7813_zpsqjex5b8b.jpg
 photo 100_7817u_zpslmtuw4aq.jpg
The Poppies were found growing around the old farms and meadows.
 photo 100_7791k_zpszcmquet6.jpg
 photo 100_7873u_zpstzw03fat.jpg
 photo DSCN4760u_zpshn7ikw9r.jpg
Some pretty flying flowers above. Woodland flowers and dunes flowers, and meadows too. I love them all.
 photo 100_7879_zpswgvoxjkj.jpg
 photo 100_7846_zpsecukgogi.jpg
These grew by the old farm buildings
 photo 100_77718_zps20vejmde.jpg
 photo DSCN4767uy_zpsnodbdqsh.jpg
 photo DSCN4769_zpsqmhgwbfd.jpg
 photo DSCN4797y_zpsqu41a0mp.jpg
 photo DSCN4805u_zpsuukvewi2.jpg
So many pretty flowers
 photo 100_78148_zps4a93lz24.jpg
Another pretty flower?
 photo 100_7826y_zpsg2ma3zz1.jpg
This lovely lilly grew on the side of the Bluffs in very sandy soil
 photo DSCN4807uy_zpswacvogsq.jpg
Even the grass is beautiful
 photo DSCN4820u_zpsqqvxtyga.jpg
The Rasberries will soon be on the vines........time is moving along. Today is the first day of summer and so it will be running down hill now
 photo DSCN4759u_zps5hkjbeko.jpg
I have to show this, some of the trees have eyes........can you see them?
 photo 100_7766_zpsip366gxq.jpg
 photo 100_7802_zpsxh1bqfxc.jpg
There are also many beautiful ferns in the woodlands
 photo 100_7804_zpsayix36we.jpg
Cow Vetch, beautiful when en masse
 photo 100_7773ui_zpsafkqc2tp.jpg
I was taking pictures today and the Red Wing Blackbirds were not happy. One would hover over my head, trying I think to intimidate me. Didn't work. I took my pictures
 photo DSCN4628i_zpsdn7qoanz.jpg
From the sandy dunes bursts of bright colour
 photo DSCN4676_zpsyhmuuage.jpg
Beautiful shrubs too
 photo 100_7676g_zpsswqcujer.jpg
I do need to get a newer version of wildflowers to take along and identify those I don't know. I did that as a child. My dad gave me a small pocket book of English wildflowers. I need a good one for Michigan.
 photo 100_7684i_zpseqklqh5f.jpg
 photo 100_7667f_zpsmd6fhl9e.jpg
This is just a small taste of the beauty that surrounds us and what makes our day trips so pleasant. More pictures next week we hope. It looks like it might be a nice few days and we have plans
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