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Saturday, June 13, 2015


One of my favourite garden staples is the Hosta.
It never fails me. It comes in all sizes and shades. From very small to very large. So it fills in some corners that nothing else fills.
 photo 100_7703_zpsqhqokmvb.jpg
I grow quite a few in pots. The pots will go in places where I can't grow anything. I usually buy several to put on the deck where its shady.
 photo 100_7702_zpsmb9wxzkh.jpg
The ones above are in a place where its quite shaded and the lime green one really highlights the area.
The ones below are quite big and fill in the gap by the fence
 photo 100_7701_zpsqdtqizpu.jpg
I love that they come in many varieties so they are never boring.
By putting them in a large container it can add height as well as interest.
 photo 100_7700_zpsm89jmxmj.jpg
 photo 100_7699_zpsryexfkr5.jpg
I can also move them if they are in a pot, if they don't like where I put them, then they can move. I find that they are very easy though. They do like sun. The ones I have in more sun seem to thrive better. Back in the shade garden they take longer to come up. I will be getting some more and putting them in some large pots so that they fill in quicker and I can pot up some smaller ones and move them.
 photo 100_7696_zpsjdynlh3e.jpg
 photo 100_7694_zpsswyjgs1z.jpg
 photo 100_7693_zpsyzc52qxe.jpg
 photo 100_7692_zpszp5wmtnm.jpg
I don't know the names of each of them, but there are so many different colours and shapes and shades
 photo 100_7691_zpskadqwsh8.jpg
 photo 100_7690_zps46qlmxrd.jpg
 photo 100_7689_zpskamfxdwz.jpg
Somewhere in the garden I have some mini Hostas in containers. I didn't think to get pictures of those because I only just decided to do a post on Hostas.........There are two Hosta gardens in our area. I have not been there for several years. I thought of that because I know I got a mini one at one of them. I may want to visit this year..........In any case I will certainly buy a few more before the years done.
 photo 100_7648o_zpsf4ilnuua.jpg
 photo 100_7462_zps2tq9ewgq.jpg
The one in the box will not get any bigger. The one in the pot gets bigger every year, I suppose I should divide it but I love how big it is. I have several back in the shade garden that are crowding out their pots........Well, thats it for my Hosta

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