This blog is about my garden and the outdoors. I am new to photography but I am trying to show some of the pretty things that grow here in Michigan. I love the wild things who visit me and I dont mind if they eat a bit here and there. I like it more if they let me take their picture. As time goes on I think I will try to show you around the beautiful area that I live in as well as my garden. I try to use my own pictures as much as possible but will also use pictures from the web. If I inadvertently use your photo or work without permission please email me and I will remove it or give credit if you prefer. I will give credit when I know who the owner is. I would ask that anyone using my pictures do the same.
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Thursday, July 31, 2014

A few Birdie visitors...........

Today after I did a little work in the garden, I sat on the deck and read. I had my camera and watched for birds. There had been a couple of Cardinals hanging around most of the day. I don't know if he was courting or not but while she was feeding, he was watching. Another came around and there was a sort of squabble in one of the trees, I couldn't see what was happening.
 photo 59b14460-16d1-4a8c-ad4e-13305f592d68_zps825cb460.jpg
Blue Jays were abundent.
 photo d6f224ab-80f0-4f58-bcd7-7a569a679128_zpsca558239.jpg
We actually had a few visitors today. The little ones had flocked together. Does this mean that winter wont be far away? I didn't get good pictures of all of them but the Titmouse, Nuthatch were hanging with the Chickadees. Mrs Cardinal was wondering where the old man had gone
 photo a7670f23-c622-4eee-b41b-4067c14a5a72_zps2eb6afcb.jpg
 photo dfc18a01-bf26-4576-9231-93ead6342ea8_zps73720e39.jpg
I couldn't get any good ones of the little birds, they were flitting around hither and yon and the kids kept coming over or the dogs would bark........something or other. Now they are around maybe I will have more luck tomorrow.
 photo dd3bbabb-f9d3-414c-bacb-10d8b210966b_zpsf17633d0.jpg
The Mr and Mrs were playing peek a boo
 photo daf21516-c610-4f8d-a5df-cd0ee0eae859_zps3c6bf214.jpg
 photo 7692a9d2-b40a-44ca-b1ed-d1724d5bde28_zps283ed299.jpg
 photo 39576224-275b-4f67-a240-7784c09960a4_zps04dd817e.jpg
It was a peaceful day sitting in the warm air, not too hot just right in the shade. I have not read a book in awhile I am always busy doing other things so it was nice. Everyone was happy..............
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Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Around the neighbourhood...........

Tristen wanted to go for a ride up the ally, so I told him we would do that. I took my camera with me. Of course I did. So we took a loop around the front walk and back down the ally. Then over the road and to the church parking lot. He loves to ride in there but some girls was practicing driving. Well parking anyway. So we continued on. I figured that some flowers other than mine would be nice.
This one though was at the doctors office this morning and I had to fit it in. Lovely aye?
 photo 9758b69b-950b-4b37-b8b2-c2ae269d7153_zps6eb17a30.jpg
 photo aa9bf1b4-1f63-460b-ad20-747a565701bb_zpsa45c50b7.jpg
So on with our walk. Some of the neighbours have some lovely Lillies. I love this shade of yellow, almost got a greenish tint don't you think?
 photo 62f39c3c-2aec-4939-8c14-836c368443fc_zpsf6eaf742.jpg
These look lovely against the white.
 photo e464d627-462e-49c8-8a07-df764387facc_zps7e838eed.jpg
 photo 6ece2f2c-0f16-4b7f-b5b2-eea269e8c3ec_zpseaaab633.jpg
So then we stopped at what will be Tristen's school. He wanted to play at the playground but ended up riding his bike.
I took pictures of the school garden. It is not so well tended this year.
 photo 276bb58a-96f3-48cb-b841-0ab3f68f85c4_zpse41f5d6f.jpg
 photo 93a586c9-4398-4b0f-abf7-2cf9eaba505b_zps6eb46fee.jpg
There were still some nice flowers blooming but it was all overgrown this year and I wanted to rescue some of the plants. I would love them in my garden
 photo c3ce0f25-ca2c-48a3-b574-0be7705bab0e_zpsa0d329fa.jpg
I want these really red Bea Balm...........I have 3 colours in my garden but not this colour. Maybe I can go back and get some seeds later.
 photo 91dc48d3-d44e-4280-855d-c08e94636a22_zps0e36d864.jpg
After I was done there we continued on. We have some nice gardens in the neighbourhood. I was also happy to see that some one besides me encourages wild flowers.
 photo 868adf5c-7d6c-407b-b29c-6f5d75c6f77f_zpsb0977946.jpg
We continued up and down some of the back alleys, because that way I can see the back gardens as well as the front.
 photo 336ae855-7f13-47b1-bd11-a3f185f832e9_zpsee2a5f4c.jpg
 photo 5811edd8-dc15-4fa0-8a52-01b814c4cfcd_zps80cc341e.jpg
About this time my little charge was getting tired and not listening so we headed home for today. I do love to look at other peoples gardens and get some ideas. Puts me in the mood for working on mine. Today I picked up some more stuff and some mulch so with luck tomorrow I will be in the garden. I want to paint some signs. I AM IN THE GARDEN..........that sounds nice right.

Thursday, July 24, 2014

My garden in July..............

It has been so dry, I have needed to water every day just about. There is more colour at the moment and it seems quite pretty for a change.
We had some visitors today, Mr and Mrs Cardinal were in for a snack.
 photo b84304ad-a6eb-4591-bd53-e93a73429fd1_zps29bd5972.jpg
She had her mouth full and he was flitting hither and yon.
 photo 9d42bccd-caf6-487b-a1b8-64a6ffa85338_zps5eb1cd27.jpg
I zoomed in to see what she had......probably for her babies somewhere.
 photo 82b3ed16-2514-4685-8238-fc7380edb3e4_zps133bb540.jpg
I will show some views, but I wanted to show some close ups of the Lillies. I call them all Day lillies but they are not, so just bear with me OK.
 photo 4dcc5e0d-3a66-48b9-8540-b6f1cfe6fc2c_zpsca21101c.jpg
Look at that perfection. I love the way they glow inside. The pollen for the bees is sitting there for the picking and the pattern on the petals lead the way inside the flower. If you notice a lot of flowers have stripes like little runways leading the critters in to the polen.
 photo d42be8f5-3051-41b9-84cf-77b8a8f1920a_zps9ce93ecb.jpg
 photo d7f91c77-5773-4d9d-a8da-105092053f80_zps9740266f.jpg
Its nice when several flower types bloom at the same time. I usually miss out on that but this year the Bee Balm and the Butterfly plants are blooming together. As well as many of the daisies.
 photo 9877ce69-3bc4-44a4-b923-972d6f74c3c3_zps3905f23b.jpg
You cant really see here but there are 3 different colours in my Bea Balm.
 photo 5861d9be-88d9-4308-9705-aba6d5241d73_zpsca5a7cda.jpg
 photo f248661e-712c-48d3-8513-264387f0a938_zps30e3eb14.jpg
This is an old farm plough hiding behind the lillies.
 photo a5a6550f-6289-4ad6-b030-8c4e2477a0ae_zpsf438b42b.jpg
My New daisy that Dan got for my birthday
 photo a0733b14-8ee3-40f9-a16f-0fbdbcb8ab04_zps2daab394.jpg
The white was backlit slightly so made a nice shot
 photo 6464b9a5-93f1-47ee-a4b3-3b6bb901a5b8_zps3ee5cf71.jpg
 photo 0cf397ae-41ac-47c4-927b-e597f1ad7fa6_zps1bb5d006.jpg
More close ups
 photo 93920f79-4a9a-4c5a-8dae-55f4645baf52_zpsfcb9c75c.jpg
 photo 2c5285d8-9c60-48ba-b59b-77393bbe4084_zps0d83c106.jpg
This is a view from Buds side yard looking towards our front garden.......
 photo 4de28592-4858-4dd6-b712-0649adcc6b68_zps96aae757.jpg
The next view from our front steps
 photo 75ebe145-1dd1-4ecc-ba45-2e7b572b22e8_zpscf988529.jpg
They are spreading and doing well. I put the painted daisy in front and will soon transplant some of those yellow things.
 photo 62e63ba4-b537-4cee-a5f4-1c6c4b472016_zps78989ba1.jpg
 photo 651e00f0-e427-4976-b9cd-6085403e3dd3_zpsbefeda40.jpg
Well those are a few of the blooms at the moment. No roses in sight. It was a very long winter and what roses did bloom came and went in a hurry. I should find somewhere else to plant them. I will have to plan for next year.
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Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Barn Swallows.............

While we were out the other day, we stopped in Glen Haven to show the kids the Blacksmiths shop. I saw the Swallows going in and out. It was not long and I saw the nest just above my head.
Mum and Dad were busy feeding the new family. One would stay while the other hunted.
 photo 7b6fd0c4-7008-4dec-a723-2153b7497197_zps4ee5a28d.jpg
There were at least two babies that I could see.
 photo 29b5becc-13e8-4a7f-b17b-e4fd108233d1_zpse05c7eb6.jpg
 photo d0875e7a-3dfe-4dae-af89-8a91e06bf14c_zpsd909c0fc.jpg
I tried to get a few pictures so I could edit them if not clear, so I was able to get some close ups. They were so busy, poor things those kids are so demanding.
 photo 426b822f-a457-4b4e-8aff-de85e85a6a04_zps2c799cbb.jpg
That is unless one was running back and forth. Arn't they cute?????
Just had to show them.

Saturday, July 12, 2014


One of my favourite garden flowers.........the Daylily. I like it becaue it comes in all shapes and sizes. The colour range is incredible. So this page will be mainly pictures of some in my garden and some I have seen in other places.
These are from my garden. The deep pink one was one I got last year
 photo fcdc8918-ac0e-4168-8fe4-419090419d51_zpsd6423141.jpg
The white one is not mine, its a lovely creamy white and I think I will look to add that to my collection.
 photo 9372478d-a476-4087-96b6-8c2abc0a2f81_zps18ef5446.jpg
This yellow beauty was out in Alden and I want one........I will have to actually go to a greenhouse I think. Maybe ordering one from a catalogue. Has anyone done that? What are the results, do they do well? I am a bit wary about catalogues because they are usually really whimpy specimens and do they actually grow????
 photo f5c94292-d725-449d-99de-fde93bcbb725_zps7333ce2d.jpg
Orange lights up the garden
 photo 5a20577a-64cc-4820-9917-2f0fbfb16e24_zpsb1fc8646.jpg
This one is also very pretty.
 photo cb9e305d-e0ec-471f-b732-47b357c9aa93_zpsab8cc8db.jpg
I have shown this one before and its still blooming and doing well.
 photo 7675ce1e-4917-4180-8a1a-5a434ba7e348_zps7d7a0a71.jpg
This one just bloomed.
 photo 939844ac-f128-4fc2-9da8-d7969835a07f_zpsc640c100.jpg
I will have more blooming soon. I am not sure what still has to come out but they make my garden much more interesting and I will never think twice now about buying more.
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