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Monday, July 7, 2014

Day Lilly time............

Its that time, the Day lillies are blooming. I love that. They are brilliant and beautiful. I have several different colours and once I figure whats coming back up I will just have to get some more. They are just so reliable. I also got a good shot of some nasturtiums.
 photo a3758c73-d67b-49fb-bcc8-36d26e227fce_zps3caf8b4c.jpg
Here are a few of the Day lillies
 photo cc010352-815f-4572-b998-45dfa668bead_zps79cbeb8b.jpg
 photo 336a5e37-bbf0-41b7-9616-fe3e733b8418_zps600973e5.jpg
This is the only rose in my garden that is reliable. Its a horrible rose, it has thorns so thick that you can't touch it. So it's in the bushes as it happens and it blooms all summer. It was a long ago Mothers Day gift, and its special and so I let it grow, it was eventually surrounded by the shrubs. All I had to do was chop it down every Spring and away it would go again.
 photo 0a5cf5a6-88fe-4a7c-a49d-63388ccc83cf_zps1bc357d6.jpg
Rock plants looking good,want more to put in pots. I hate to thin the ones out that are looking good so I buy more of what I like.
 photo dc3687a8-f2d6-4fcb-8f8a-4b41032b11bd_zpsdafb91d4.jpg
The berries are thick on the Mountain Ash again, does this mean another bad winter......
 photo 25557e04-7131-4823-911a-f834ad704763_zps9120ed2e.jpg
The daisies are blooming, I have a new camera and I took several pictures but I didn't have the chip in. My old camera would have sent them over to my chip, this one didnt so.....right now they are lost in the camera. This is all I got.
 photo d1a33f24-43ac-4175-8a7b-bdca1cdf71a1_zps6f57af05.jpg
 photo de6ca277-931d-4234-9946-008c970242c3_zps7a5e8ad8.jpg
I dont know where these came from but every year I am finding more and they are beautiful. This new camera is not taking such crisp close ups as I like. I hope its just that I am not used to it yet.
 photo 6f2820c0-9d8e-47b8-9a98-62996409e15c_zps09f66289.jpg
Today I actually saw a Butterfly. The only one besides the White one who seems to visit every day. I was so happy to see this one.
 photo ac8ac784-5557-4828-909b-83b06cc2fb96_zpsdfece14a.jpg
This little beauty looked rather beat up but I was so glad to see her
 photo faff4ac5-2083-430b-baaa-56da08218a2a_zpsd1588ff7.jpg
When it cools down a bit I will be back outside and waiting for more butterflys, meanwhile this is a rather nice shot of a bee.
 photo e7fcdbd6-65bf-4ca0-ae90-f2b43df23f45_zpsce5617b8.jpg
This Day lilly was really going to town so got another shot of it showing it's stuff. Got to support those that bloom right.
 photo c0b2f9ec-a860-44e8-89e6-4b02c457762c_zps7e3dd5c9.jpg
All for today, I must get those pink ones tomorrow............

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Miss Jane said...

Hi Janis, your flowers are so beautiful!
I like your blogs and your poems!:)
As you I love England too!:)
Many Thanks for visit my blog.

Magic Love Crow said...

Gorgeous garden my friend ;o) Always enjoy your pictures ;o) I have lilies too ;o) Such hardy plants ;o) We have been seeing lots of butterflies this year! A nice treat ;o) I hope the winter coming is not as bad as last year! Hugs ;o)

Craftymoose Crafts said...

I have two orange lilies that always bloom right now, and inspire me to make them in beads. No big surprise, there, LOL!

Susan Clayton said...

What beautiful flowers! Love the bright colors what could be more cheering? Thank you for your visit!