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Thursday, July 24, 2014

My garden in July..............

It has been so dry, I have needed to water every day just about. There is more colour at the moment and it seems quite pretty for a change.
We had some visitors today, Mr and Mrs Cardinal were in for a snack.
 photo b84304ad-a6eb-4591-bd53-e93a73429fd1_zps29bd5972.jpg
She had her mouth full and he was flitting hither and yon.
 photo 9d42bccd-caf6-487b-a1b8-64a6ffa85338_zps5eb1cd27.jpg
I zoomed in to see what she had......probably for her babies somewhere.
 photo 82b3ed16-2514-4685-8238-fc7380edb3e4_zps133bb540.jpg
I will show some views, but I wanted to show some close ups of the Lillies. I call them all Day lillies but they are not, so just bear with me OK.
 photo 4dcc5e0d-3a66-48b9-8540-b6f1cfe6fc2c_zpsca21101c.jpg
Look at that perfection. I love the way they glow inside. The pollen for the bees is sitting there for the picking and the pattern on the petals lead the way inside the flower. If you notice a lot of flowers have stripes like little runways leading the critters in to the polen.
 photo d42be8f5-3051-41b9-84cf-77b8a8f1920a_zps9ce93ecb.jpg
 photo d7f91c77-5773-4d9d-a8da-105092053f80_zps9740266f.jpg
Its nice when several flower types bloom at the same time. I usually miss out on that but this year the Bee Balm and the Butterfly plants are blooming together. As well as many of the daisies.
 photo 9877ce69-3bc4-44a4-b923-972d6f74c3c3_zps3905f23b.jpg
You cant really see here but there are 3 different colours in my Bea Balm.
 photo 5861d9be-88d9-4308-9705-aba6d5241d73_zpsca5a7cda.jpg
 photo f248661e-712c-48d3-8513-264387f0a938_zps30e3eb14.jpg
This is an old farm plough hiding behind the lillies.
 photo a5a6550f-6289-4ad6-b030-8c4e2477a0ae_zpsf438b42b.jpg
My New daisy that Dan got for my birthday
 photo a0733b14-8ee3-40f9-a16f-0fbdbcb8ab04_zps2daab394.jpg
The white was backlit slightly so made a nice shot
 photo 6464b9a5-93f1-47ee-a4b3-3b6bb901a5b8_zps3ee5cf71.jpg
 photo 0cf397ae-41ac-47c4-927b-e597f1ad7fa6_zps1bb5d006.jpg
More close ups
 photo 93920f79-4a9a-4c5a-8dae-55f4645baf52_zpsfcb9c75c.jpg
 photo 2c5285d8-9c60-48ba-b59b-77393bbe4084_zps0d83c106.jpg
This is a view from Buds side yard looking towards our front garden.......
 photo 4de28592-4858-4dd6-b712-0649adcc6b68_zps96aae757.jpg
The next view from our front steps
 photo 75ebe145-1dd1-4ecc-ba45-2e7b572b22e8_zpscf988529.jpg
They are spreading and doing well. I put the painted daisy in front and will soon transplant some of those yellow things.
 photo 62e63ba4-b537-4cee-a5f4-1c6c4b472016_zps78989ba1.jpg
 photo 651e00f0-e427-4976-b9cd-6085403e3dd3_zpsbefeda40.jpg
Well those are a few of the blooms at the moment. No roses in sight. It was a very long winter and what roses did bloom came and went in a hurry. I should find somewhere else to plant them. I will have to plan for next year.
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Craftymoose Crafts said...

Everything looks just beautiful! All of your hard work (which I know continues with the watering and weeding, etc) has paid off!

Amazing photos of the barn swallows in your last post, too!

Magic Love Crow said...

Wow, girl, you must love to garden! Your gardens are amazing! Your photos are fantastic too! That mommy cardinal picture is fantastic! Really love this post ;o) We are getting so much rain and cold weather! This week coming, Autumn temperatures. It's been a very weird summer!
Big Hugs ;o)

Jenny Harris said...

You have a lot of beautiful plants in your garden! thanks for sharing. :-)

September Violets said...

The view from your front step is wonderful!! What a beautiful garden you have with so much blooming right now. I really like bee balm, but have had trouble with earwigs liking them more. This year I see there are exactly three struggling blooms in my front garden, so I'll have to give them another chance ;) I've had trouble with aphids in the garden this year too, and was disappointed to lose an entire bush and now my balloon flowers are in trouble. Thanks for sharing all your beauties ... have a great week! Wendy x

June Caedmon said...

You have a beautiful garden, Janice! I enjoyed seeing all your lovely blooms!