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Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Around the neighbourhood...........

Tristen wanted to go for a ride up the ally, so I told him we would do that. I took my camera with me. Of course I did. So we took a loop around the front walk and back down the ally. Then over the road and to the church parking lot. He loves to ride in there but some girls was practicing driving. Well parking anyway. So we continued on. I figured that some flowers other than mine would be nice.
This one though was at the doctors office this morning and I had to fit it in. Lovely aye?
 photo 9758b69b-950b-4b37-b8b2-c2ae269d7153_zps6eb17a30.jpg
 photo aa9bf1b4-1f63-460b-ad20-747a565701bb_zpsa45c50b7.jpg
So on with our walk. Some of the neighbours have some lovely Lillies. I love this shade of yellow, almost got a greenish tint don't you think?
 photo 62f39c3c-2aec-4939-8c14-836c368443fc_zpsf6eaf742.jpg
These look lovely against the white.
 photo e464d627-462e-49c8-8a07-df764387facc_zps7e838eed.jpg
 photo 6ece2f2c-0f16-4b7f-b5b2-eea269e8c3ec_zpseaaab633.jpg
So then we stopped at what will be Tristen's school. He wanted to play at the playground but ended up riding his bike.
I took pictures of the school garden. It is not so well tended this year.
 photo 276bb58a-96f3-48cb-b841-0ab3f68f85c4_zpse41f5d6f.jpg
 photo 93a586c9-4398-4b0f-abf7-2cf9eaba505b_zps6eb46fee.jpg
There were still some nice flowers blooming but it was all overgrown this year and I wanted to rescue some of the plants. I would love them in my garden
 photo c3ce0f25-ca2c-48a3-b574-0be7705bab0e_zpsa0d329fa.jpg
I want these really red Bea Balm...........I have 3 colours in my garden but not this colour. Maybe I can go back and get some seeds later.
 photo 91dc48d3-d44e-4280-855d-c08e94636a22_zps0e36d864.jpg
After I was done there we continued on. We have some nice gardens in the neighbourhood. I was also happy to see that some one besides me encourages wild flowers.
 photo 868adf5c-7d6c-407b-b29c-6f5d75c6f77f_zpsb0977946.jpg
We continued up and down some of the back alleys, because that way I can see the back gardens as well as the front.
 photo 336ae855-7f13-47b1-bd11-a3f185f832e9_zpsee2a5f4c.jpg
 photo 5811edd8-dc15-4fa0-8a52-01b814c4cfcd_zps80cc341e.jpg
About this time my little charge was getting tired and not listening so we headed home for today. I do love to look at other peoples gardens and get some ideas. Puts me in the mood for working on mine. Today I picked up some more stuff and some mulch so with luck tomorrow I will be in the garden. I want to paint some signs. I AM IN THE GARDEN..........that sounds nice right.


September Violets said...

You must live in an old town with the alleys. We don't have alleys in my town, but I think it would be fun to explore that way. Tristen must've enjoyed the ride. Nice photos of the flowers in your neighbourhood. I'd definitely get some of the bee balm seeds for your own garden ;)
Wendy x

Magic Love Crow said...

I am in the garden ;o) Great sign ;o) I love your walk around town ;o) Great pictures of the flowers ;o) Big Hugs ;o)