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Friday, July 4, 2014

Working the garden in on the fourth..............

Today, I was able to get out in the garden for a short time. I did some weeding some bush whacking and planting. I did get a lot done really. It was only 66 degrees. Perfect weather for the garden but..........I got so hot. I just can not tollerate heat anymore. The mosquitoes immediatly set up their BBQs and had a feast, I had to go in and look for some repelant and I do so hate to use that stuff. SO fortified with something or other to spoil their holiday I set back to work. First I changed the Fairy garden because the squirrels were digging in the wagon.
 photo fdf7ade9-d012-475b-8e38-4853d8d5a0bb_zpsc4fad6ea.jpg
I like this better anyway
 photo c9661039-3b42-4eea-93b5-d44c53edbd41_zpsaa86b973.jpg
The wagon I put under the pine tree and left the ivy in it. That helps to make that look better too.
So the yellows are blooming well. The daisies and the Day Lilly.
 photo 5b36465f-0aa5-4fd1-ade4-fe372d2a0808_zps16314b13.jpg
 photo ea537f59-23f2-4212-8cbd-4d4d2e583a7c_zpsd78981b0.jpg
 photo f4ec694e-d20c-4be0-ab8a-f23d1dedad49_zpsc61bfb6d.jpg
I found a pretty pink plant. It's usually in the indoor flower section but I found it with the annuals. I will try to take it inside in the winter. My fav shade if pink.
 photo fd53927c-61fc-4c19-9bda-7f6e940a301d_zpsec988d57.jpg
We got the new entrance door in finally. I say in, but it's not finished. A lot left to do. The whole room in fact. He says he will work on it tomorrow. I don't see how he will get much done but when its all finished I will do a before and after post. We have to put windows in to replace the old back door. It will take all summer at this rate but the master will not be rushed.
 photo 415f292e-f069-4f9c-9c34-7eae2f1e28e9_zps817ac224.jpg
not a lot else right now. I moved the wheelbarrow that has plants in it and set mulch down. The grass in that area is terrible and so I laid down some black garden plastic to stop the weeds and dumped the mulch on it. I had much more than I needed and was going to put some on some of the other gardens but when I put the wheel barrow on it I liked it so left it at that. I didnt take a picture because I forgot to bring in the camera and it got wet. I put the sprinkler on. Talking of sprinklers........yesterday I went to move the sprinkler out back and here's a lesson for not approach the sprinkler on my blind side. (remember I am blind in one eye) because you can not see it coming. Well the ice cold water hit me in the belly and made me bend over and so it then hit me in the face......sputtering I tried to get away but went the wrong way and it hit me in the butt.....oh the kids thought that was soooooo funny. me? not so much.
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Anonymous said...

oh no, the sprinkler attacked you!!!! What beautiful garden you have, its gorgeous,

Magic Love Crow said...

I didn't realize you were blind in one eye? Good for you, with everything you do!! The garden is looking beautiful! Love the pink plant and your Fairy garden looks great in the pot ;o) Sorry, I was laughing about the sprinkler! LOL! Hugs ;o)