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Thursday, July 31, 2014

A few Birdie visitors...........

Today after I did a little work in the garden, I sat on the deck and read. I had my camera and watched for birds. There had been a couple of Cardinals hanging around most of the day. I don't know if he was courting or not but while she was feeding, he was watching. Another came around and there was a sort of squabble in one of the trees, I couldn't see what was happening.
 photo 59b14460-16d1-4a8c-ad4e-13305f592d68_zps825cb460.jpg
Blue Jays were abundent.
 photo d6f224ab-80f0-4f58-bcd7-7a569a679128_zpsca558239.jpg
We actually had a few visitors today. The little ones had flocked together. Does this mean that winter wont be far away? I didn't get good pictures of all of them but the Titmouse, Nuthatch were hanging with the Chickadees. Mrs Cardinal was wondering where the old man had gone
 photo a7670f23-c622-4eee-b41b-4067c14a5a72_zps2eb6afcb.jpg
 photo dfc18a01-bf26-4576-9231-93ead6342ea8_zps73720e39.jpg
I couldn't get any good ones of the little birds, they were flitting around hither and yon and the kids kept coming over or the dogs would bark........something or other. Now they are around maybe I will have more luck tomorrow.
 photo dd3bbabb-f9d3-414c-bacb-10d8b210966b_zpsf17633d0.jpg
The Mr and Mrs were playing peek a boo
 photo daf21516-c610-4f8d-a5df-cd0ee0eae859_zps3c6bf214.jpg
 photo 7692a9d2-b40a-44ca-b1ed-d1724d5bde28_zps283ed299.jpg
 photo 39576224-275b-4f67-a240-7784c09960a4_zps04dd817e.jpg
It was a peaceful day sitting in the warm air, not too hot just right in the shade. I have not read a book in awhile I am always busy doing other things so it was nice. Everyone was happy..............
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Craftymoose Crafts said...

Sounds like a perfect day! Hope you have a peaceful weekend, too!

Magic Love Crow said...

A gorgeous day ;o) Love all your photos ;o) They always make me happy ;o) Hope you're having a great weekend ;o) Hugs ;o)

September Violets said...

I would love a day like this to sit and take photos of the bird visitors in my yard. We have a cardinal pair, but sadly no blue jays. I do often see large flocks of blue jays migrating in September though. I've noticed the birds gathering together too. Chickadees have come back again (they usually head for the woods in the summer), and have been at the feeders. The goldfinches are gathering and the robins too.
Wendy x

Judith @ Lavender Cottage said...

You shared some pretty, and colourful birds and blooms.
Thank you for linking to Mosaic Monday.