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Friday, August 8, 2014

For the Birds...............

The birds around here are looking pretty scraggly, this time I know that they are molting. When we were out walking the other day the kids were collecting feathers so they must drop them all over the place. Anyway, a few back yard visitors for you.
 photo 737a29a3-427a-4a1c-ad1c-51e3619a37a8_zpsd8af57c6.jpg
The Blue Jays have their babies with them all over the place
 photo 61fa6645-0a6b-457b-b94d-37832566e0a4_zps114b4dfb.jpg
 photo ccee8f38-aee5-4e99-aeaf-dc01f2b571ba_zps37287c92.jpg
It has been a hot few days. The birds looked stressed.
 photo 789f1f9d-f39c-4487-8538-1e5ce8a654dc_zps6421353a.jpg
He felt better after a soak. I put the sprinklers on for the birds as well as the flowers.
 photo 1c858206-fc76-4fea-a250-11bd6fbcd69e_zps9407e385.jpg
I have no idea what this guy is doing but he felt better too once I put the sprinkler on.
 photo bf83f6a9-a36a-4038-b955-372fbe79813f_zpsca0a9e99.jpg
 photo 2c018d13-700b-420e-994c-d558a30a821f_zps042d3553.jpg
The little birds seem to handle it just fine.
 photo 28f6c4c8-5dd3-4dff-b27a-fed182510328_zps6cb60369.jpg
 photo 9921eeeb-af1a-4add-8e40-6e730afd133b_zpsd1283e4c.jpg
They were chattering and nattering and flocking around back and forth all day. I put the sprinklers out front and they went around the front. They love to hang out in the wet trees and bushes.
The cardinals are around all the time
 photo ff46d3ba-5df1-4468-b662-3226f410ee5b_zps6e79c956.jpg
Nothing exotic here but I do love my birds.
I will show you some flowers from the last couple of days. I just love when I can get a shot like this one and then zoom in on it
 photo c6ca9de6-efc2-40ae-84f4-d77373abb247_zps9cfef1bb.jpg
 photo 30641eed-7fd3-4daf-b6f4-927b012119e0_zpsd471dd31.jpg

 photo e8c5ebc2-0270-4d29-8b5b-3a58578a8cdd_zps474d9828.jpg
 photo 3985ecd9-f5d8-4279-8a6d-5b44a8ea54d8_zps7e8a0a5f.jpg
You can see how that progresses. Well it was a good shot I thought so I did some close ups.
 photo 76fee34c-0ac4-4e3c-ad67-244a2b954dbe_zpsb9c4ed0e.jpg
The daisies are still doing well.
 photo f476b00c-455f-47c4-82b2-79b0fe534cfa_zps14c2ff14.jpg
While I was out the other day, we got some plants for the graves. I actually found some bright red Bee Balm. Remember I saw some up at the school. Well I found some, I had to buy it and I got it in the garden today. Pictures another day. So this is my garden for now...........rather boring really I will have to be a bit more adventurous with my garden posts. I don't have time to think lately.
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Craftymoose Crafts said...

The birds certainly look more refreshed after their play in the sprinkler! Your close up flower photos are amazing--love the water drop and you can even see the "hair" on the stem in the next photo!

September Violets said...

The shots are wonderful Janice! Love the close-ups. I have not been interested in the garden too much this year, but I don't know why. Possibly because I'm losing all kinds of things to some kind of rot. We've had a fairly mild summer with lots of rain for the past few weeks. All your birds seem so appreciative of the sprinkler! I love giving the birds water in the bird bath, and they use it all day long ... big guys to little chickadees. Enjoy your weekend, it's a nice sunny one here! Wendy x

Merlesworld said...

A summer bath if I was a bird i would love it.
Some great close ups there.

Magic Love Crow said...

I love your bird photos! You are such a good mom ;o) And, your flower pictures are amazing! Wow! Good stuff Janice ;o) Big Hugs ;o)