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Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Hello I am a baby Blue Jay......

This guy was quite amusing. He didn't know enough to be afraid. He was loving the wetness after the sprinkler had been on. Had to show the first picture just to show his fuzzy bum.
 photo 134f55ba-9adb-4781-b893-dc9618c1f1e6_zpsc57ef5ad.jpg
Then he came down onto the path and stared at me,
 photo b96a4a42-3539-4434-b7d6-3f4556c19541_zpsa6e3b630.jpg
His feet look too big for him,
 photo fac4bbbe-4771-4721-8c72-c32a88754897_zpsd8cfc8d2.jpg
He just watched me unconcerned,
 photo aede180a-0769-4699-a13e-b8ba8c8d2c1e_zps2f19d5d9.jpg
This may have been a parent, if so then he needed to get his kid in line it should have been scared of me.
 photo bcb66caf-fd0e-470a-b61c-3867b3477956_zps736bd15e.jpg
So he took a sip from the path
 photo 1bf4464b-b7d8-498f-a0fd-f9baeeddbfe3_zps15ad4bf7.jpg
In any case it was a sweet encounter, the bird was puzzled and I was thrilled for the privilege of watching him up so close. No zoom needed here.


Craftymoose Crafts said...

Cute little fluff baby! I'm sure a parent was watching from somewhere. They probably know you by now and realize that you are not a threat.

September Violets said...

Get some sunflowers in your hand and see if he'll come to you! My BFF had a pet blue jay when we were kids. I love blue jays for their raucous ways and bossiness at the feeders ... and you can't beat those blues! Wendy x

Merlesworld said...

He was close he is a sweet fellow.