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Tuesday, August 26, 2014

A rainy day does not stop us...........

As I began in my Bluebell Woods blog ......on Monday we took a trip that will probably be one of the last if last years winter is anything to go by. School begins here next week. That means Tristen will be going from 8am to 11am. It will be weekends mainly from now on. So this post will be mostly about the things we saw on our trip to the beach and Crystal River.
I had to look up to find out what the hawk was that we saw before I said anything. I believe it is a Coopers Hawk.
 photo c116db6a-ef3f-441e-8f22-9ede6ce34eda_zpscfdc5d39.jpg
We saw him sitting by the side of the road and were a bit worried. He seemed OK and sat there so we got some good shots.
 photo 8a213a3a-d4d6-410a-baa0-be9510306629_zpse5e89189.jpg
This was the 2nd one we saw that day. When we were in the river we saw another one. That one too sat still for us. What a privalege.
 photo 6d5bf530-3cec-4041-901d-0459c57d5207_zpse6907ec0.jpg
Some of the pretty things we saw today.
 photo 89f769a9-e0fb-4940-a4f8-59c51b1479cf_zps249129c5.jpg
 photo ccb62595-b12c-4aef-810f-a45854ee2796_zps6d45bea8.jpg
Along the road there was a cute little yellow finch
 photo e541eb15-ff14-49e9-8e8b-8fc195fb3519_zpsb8404713.jpg
 photo bf05f4ef-7c74-4127-b10e-7a0994cf9489_zps094419bf.jpg
We saw several groups of Sandhill Cranes.
 photo d5ec5b5b-e64a-45d0-a3c8-59d4cbadd251_zps4cac76c5.jpg
 photo 82f0d1e1-da98-408e-8a54-b8e166eb04bc_zps68020046.jpg
Lovely birds, so elegant.
 photo ee7f30f4-79a5-4dc0-8eee-cf80cb823923_zpseb08b380.jpg
On the river I was able to get a few shots of Damselfly
 photo 22783af2-a796-4be7-8f31-0efb787fc4c0_zps5faa92ba.jpg
 photo bd42e51f-bde3-46d6-9d7c-fdac5c1a4248_zpsa738d67e.jpg
 photo e90692c0-b9ff-469e-8c5e-550906956d77_zps71f54b2b.jpg
I find that when I take a picture, sometimes there is a surprise waiting within.
 photo d0f55621-cecb-4866-8946-fd64315d5b60_zpsfe262801.jpg
When I looked up close
 photo a0059d1c-0288-4ab1-a7a9-5b65f8f969fd_zpsf50e7c6b.jpg
After the rain we experienced on our outset everything was left very pretty and clean.
 photo 93f6468d-4561-4460-880e-be46fb610bb9_zpsecf70d71.jpg
 photo 7f749e59-2af9-45d3-add1-e571eb94bd9f_zps07ae3581.jpg
 photo 800fc152-1c47-43fb-95dd-69ed2c7769b9_zpsbfe7fa15.jpg
Notice the two bugs on the Sweet Peas. There are Bull Rushes by the River in Cedar and other water plants that are pretty
 photo 2aa6142f-ca49-4b87-bb1e-5b1d129f218b_zpsb74cf890.jpg
 photo ffb196a8-8654-4fe0-809c-2c36fc7d41fc_zps399b7d3e.jpg
 photo 688a401b-4707-475d-aac7-5056a9669000_zps7cda16d7.jpg
 photo 511bdcf2-05bf-4b89-b531-2b1a95b6c886_zps5275ccbc.jpg
We found another heart tree..............I love it when that happens
 photo d3823c9e-388d-4d52-93a1-30710130b45d_zps7c31672b.jpg

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Magic Love Crow said...

Janice, mom and I LOVE this post! Thank you for making us smile today ;o) Really loved that heart tree ;o) We really enjoyed all the pictures ;o) Big Hugs ;o)

Debbie Harris said...

This was a beautiful post, Janice!
You found some beauties for sure, and another heart tree, that is something.
I especially liked the hawk, amazing.
God's blessings, Debbie

Fishtail Cottage said...

Fabulous photos! So glad you linked up to this,weeks garden party! What kind of camera do you you have? Headed out today to shop for one and looking for input! Hope yo hear back from you asap! xoxo