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Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Heading for Fall.................

My garden is a mess. Its still humid out there. The mornings are not too bad so maybe I can get some work done in the mornings. There is just so much to do. Yesterday I bought some Asters. They are in pots and so I don't have to get them in the ground right away. In fact tomorrow I may go to a garden center and look for more. They will fill the space until Spring. At least there will be some colour.
 photo c67575d0-1e8f-4a03-9c91-3c314d8dea04_zps92e61f50.jpg
I like the purple ones but have white and a burgundy. They seem to take years to get established.
 photo 952c3903-8b44-41ff-9517-8f003eb15132_zps7206d106.jpg
I like to get Winter pansies also because they come back in the Spring. I have some in a barrel and they came back and lasted all year. SO I think thats what I will do with the ones I just bought.
 photo 173918c8-9006-44f1-8092-303d40b0c64e_zps9882da03.jpg
Now is also time to get the plants in pots in the ground. That's not a bad job as it can be done a little at a time. I have other pansies that have done well all year. I will put those in the ground soon I think
Meanwhile, I must remember next Spring to plant more Nasturtium, this year was a flop for sure.I had just a couple of blooms, and one at a time. They are beautiful so, maybe next year. I also want to put in some Sweet Peas.
 photo 86c7f43b-3676-492e-974d-16545c93c638_zpsc04eef9d.jpg
I sat watching my birds this morning. The Robins are doing a fine job on my Mountain Ash. The young ones still have spots.
 photo 341b8e4c-b07c-46d2-ab44-f35f729c2482_zps9db34b71.jpg
By Fall I am sure all the berries will be gone. The Nuthatch is hanging around.
 photo 49918527-3fbb-4af8-b9f2-bdadf144bf44_zps21d0beef.jpg
I love the small birds and I just know they are flocking together because of what is coming.
 photo cb34ff3f-27c1-497e-ad1d-73e6d20f1c19_zpsf552bd5c.jpg
My garden ornaments are being put to good use. This bowl is resting on a wrought iron base, so is secure and the Robin was appreciating that.
 photo 5ab02a15-8e43-46e5-8040-3fc2988446b5_zps6044848b.jpg
Now you cant see this very well but the Blue Jay was enjoying another of my creations and was then sitting in the tree preening his self.
 photo b8628f39-3eac-4c88-b331-70bbbbc91363_zpseea130c4.jpg
The pictures didn't show him very well but he was sure having a good old clean up.
 photo 6be28095-b3fb-4748-8e42-44e93041ae3f_zpsecdf8cbb.jpg
I just had to include this picture even though it's not a good shot. My camera is not good enough for action shots.
 photo a106a6fd-3778-44eb-a1b4-217968f315ca_zps3ce331c2.jpg
Well maybe next time I can show some actual work being done, yeh, that would be nice.
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Merlesworld said...

You do better than me when i take action shots the birds fly away before I take the picture.
I missed the nasturtiums this year the chook ate them.

Craftymoose Crafts said...

Lovely photos today as usual! The bowl you made looks beautiful in the garden--the robin is sure enjoying. Glad Tristen's first day seems to have gone well!

Magic Love Crow said...

I LOVE your photos so much Janice! I know I always say that, but I truly do! I think Nuthatches are my second favourite bird! i love the noise they make ;o) Enjoy your gardening! You have a great space ;o) Hugs ;o)

Susan Clayton said...

Love your garden photos. I didn't know the spotted Robins are the young! Learn something new everyday. Your post makes me nostalgic for Michigan and the country.