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Thursday, September 18, 2014

Little critters..........

I love bees. I have done a lot of posts on them. I can't help it. They are so busy and intent, they live their lives fully and at top speed. I have got some good pictures that I will share here today.
 photo 624f4e06-bc06-40cd-bac2-b3a9a5edf449_zpsf8af2093.jpg
There are quite a few varieties in just my own back yard.
 photo 52013794-7e5d-4f05-b7ea-d686eb206a1e_zpseec40471.jpg
 photo af4aafc6-56bd-4140-8b7c-04c76ff6bf9d_zps0b8918d4.jpg
I see the bee with one spot on his head a lot around here. Any idea who this guy is
 photo 69f3dc7f-3a83-4290-a344-795832b87542_zps0a298055.jpg
 photo 041f35ce-f9a6-4b9d-a18b-35f1978523ac_zps5208ab18.jpg
So pretty. The little green ones are like little jewels. This guy is a bit different I think?
 photo 2ad6807d-4e3a-49f3-992c-4a2b1487533f_zps6d722a26.jpg
More of the same, the wings are so beautiful.
 photo 6ae1bd8d-b113-4799-830a-8fafa0d9d5da_zps7eae77ca.jpg
Well, I must include a couple of birdie visitors because the yellow finches have not been here all summer
 photo 8c3aceb2-7e3f-4472-af3a-f0d23371d303_zps0acda35c.jpg
 photo dd82c6f0-72d5-456e-b62d-a8b843457324_zps41d0a70d.jpg
Then the Thrush came back.
 photo 81da87e6-898e-498d-85e6-6eff8a2b5e7f_zps8c598eb4.jpg
Have not seen the Thrush all summer. Not to be confused the the junior Robin, its a different shape and size. Finally a Monarch in my garden
 photo b6f6e191-3dd3-422e-817f-ce032c38ff07_zps035095ab.jpg
They must be getting ready to leave. I have not seen more than one other all summer, and that one was dying. So bon voyage to this healthy one.

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Craftymoose Crafts said...

Wow, Janice, what a variety of bees! The iridescent green ones are gorgeous!