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Saturday, September 6, 2014

By the Boardman.........

It was thundering all night, torrential rain. It did clear up today though and even though Tristen was cranky, he has a cold, we went for a walk. Reina was here for the day and Laura was working. They played with the Petshop stuff for a good few hours. I had bought Tristen some so that they had more to play with, Raylene stayed home with her dad. Well after they got bored and restless we decided to go for a walk. It was nice and cool but sunny. We didn't want to go very far so decided on the Boardman trails.
 photo 8b897213-8186-4d92-921a-e5740de0b971_zpsac446f24.jpg
My camera ran out of juice so I didn't get a whole load of pictures to choose from. We walked a short trail by the river before taking the other trail though the woods. In some parts it was so steep down to the river it could have been scary if you fell. The river
was rough and wild today. After all the rain the river was full. It was running strong and fast. Plenty of warnings posted about the dangerous banks. The water undercuts the banks and washes away the dirt and trees.
 photo 2f78a434-abaa-437c-8c98-8bf977a77414_zpsd3e5f82c.jpg
I really wanted to get some good pictures but only got a few mediocre ones.
 photo 521fdd89-c6b2-4940-91db-8c803c087948_zpse25f7d4e.jpg
 photo e396ec7f-ce70-4dfc-bebe-ec5324ffffb3_zps20efa03f.jpg
It's beginning to look like Autumn with the berries on the plants and the apples on the trees, nuts falling to the ground. The leaves are only just beginning to change, we have not had that much cold weather yet. Waiting for a frost.
Today they learned about Sumac, it was the first thing I saw and they had mentioned the trees they knew already. So even though Tristen was only 1/2 paying attention and was cranky with his cold, well I figured I may as well add another tree. They are sort of into this, I am happy about that.
 photo 71fea6ef-7f22-4e53-9342-07a4d7dbd50e_zps650a5c7a.jpg
We walked on through the woods and there were some good views. It would have been better if it was not so damp and if the river was calmer,
 photo 8d6b86c3-91bb-4aca-962e-2d2d0be87042_zps4c6e31da.jpg
We saw a place that looked like a lookout but the path was closed because some of the banks had fallen in, we carried on.
 photo 35b2416c-7ce5-46b2-9bda-439654b30e0e_zps0a207981.jpg
If the river had been calmer I had seen several spots to look for stones, you know, Petoskey stones. I dare not let the kids near the edge in case it caved in. The water was so fast and going towards the dam so I am over cautious, always am.
 photo 8fc80f62-ae0c-4f81-a6d2-0fa486287ec7_zps6ffba2fa.jpg
Some pretty flowers still blooming, I had wanted to get some good shots of the water and the berries ETC but the camera gave out. I had checked the battery before I left. I usually take both cameras but today I didn't. Ah was a nice walk anyway.


Merlesworld said...

I've never seen berries that colour.
Great place to spend a couple of hours walking around.

maryom said...

Looks like a lovely walk. Starting to feel like Autumn here in UK too - no cold weather but many leaves are changing colour to red and yellow.

Magic Love Crow said...

A gorgeous walk! It's good to be over cautious ;o)
Big Hugs ;o)