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Monday, September 8, 2014

Sunday Drive.............

We took a long Sunday drive. You can see it on Bluebell Woods blog. Here I will show some of the nature pictures I took. The lakes were pretty and they are just full of life. I saw this little guy up on the Dunes.
 photo b63ab8a2-0eb7-43bf-906a-6f6e10cffaa5_zps174b2fa6.jpg
This one on a rock on the beach. I don't like bugs. I try to, but I don't
 photo 9aaee627-eb13-4d07-bd87-d94ddbbddffd_zps28c95bd0.jpg
I didn't see too many birds. Just the big ones, Sandhill Cranes and Turkey. Loads of Turkey. Several Blue Heron. They are always fascinating birds. Ungainly but swift when they need to be.
 photo 69d43234-1455-4bb0-a144-046ae75bcc17_zpsd563a87c.jpg
There were Autumn flowers growing all around. Wild Asters. Could have come from old farms? or maybe they just grow wild. In any case they certainly do well here. Why are they so fussy in my garden?????
 photo b8549c23-cee1-4f7b-b70b-c6fa8be19112_zps383acb93.jpg
I saw some Monarchs wow.....they will soon be leaving for California. One had a torn wing. I doubt she will get far.
 photo 428f6a09-bfdb-4ee2-a8b4-d91db1f6ae9a_zps1065b69d.jpg
 photo ee29c023-87ae-4620-8d1d-3324fccde106_zps49160e30.jpg
Still some pretty Water Lilly on the ponds
 photo 9a366c4b-868b-4400-856e-bb21d604873f_zpse1921528.jpg
Lots of small fry in the water, tiny fish, do they live through the winter? I suppose they go deep and among the weeds. I didn't get a clear picture so wont try to show it. Lots of berries now.
 photo 52fcee29-8ffc-4f07-a605-d2a62f4bc27a_zpse31ea6ec.jpg
The bear will enjoy some good meals before they go to sleep this winter. I think its supposed to be a long one again. Lots of Rose Hips. Should gather those but didn't
 photo 8a42172d-2689-4e81-92c1-3308eb35c966_zps0ccc97bf.jpg
Well this is it for tonight. I will do part 2 on Bluebell Woods tomorrow.
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Jenny Woolf said...

Beautiful photos, giving a taste of autumn...

Debi Bolocofsky said...

Thanks for sharing with Adorned From Above's Link Party. Have a great week.
Debi @ Adorned From Above