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Wednesday, September 24, 2014

State Hospital trails................

So on my bluebell woods blog I wrote about the first part of our day. We stopped at the new visitors center to explore what was going on. We eventually got off on our walk. Laura had come by because it was such a nice day, so off we went.
 photo 92b6e4a2-5360-460c-98c1-49a997d703c7_zps34b59c2b.jpg
There are miles of trails above the State hospital. The fields look down over the town. Some of the trails are steep and slippery.
 photo 2cdd7a66-e36f-4534-9f85-777b77d1a02a_zps1f640b3a.jpg
Some were blocked by windfalls.Note my footwear, I was not expecting to have to climb haha,
 photo df86b8ba-250d-4470-8b74-06fdd2afec45_zpsd7095ee6.jpg
 photo 76ad0357-bcd6-4765-b79f-8e63e6535c7a_zps33da8f8d.jpg
Tristen got through OK.
 photo c6d7b408-7076-493a-aca3-dfb77b4b4f52_zps4c60ebb9.jpg
He enjoyed climbing on the rocks and trees. We enjoyed the walk other than the slippery steep paths, that was fun but for me rather iffy, hard for me to see what I was doing and my glasses kept steaming up.
 photo 7b24fc6a-9c8f-4a2d-a06a-be1f21fb730f_zpsfc6b9d8c.jpg
 photo fa5626cf-eca7-4b70-906d-5b1d51dd7b2c_zps1e64f437.jpg
We found a bear in the woods (no not really)
 photo 753ad12a-617e-4cc7-9e9e-30748330c202_zps4652958d.jpg
 photo 33ec402b-2909-426e-b921-eef2fbe73055_zps45765b5d.jpg
 photo 40af7665-c718-4883-84d2-8a3009ae5c17_zps10d03b7e.jpg
I personally needed some exercize after the birthday party at the weekend. Still have not recovered from that.
Some of the things that we saw in the beautiful toadstall/mushroom
 photo 36f62a97-b10c-48bb-9ab7-62705767c21e_zps3cf75f79.jpg
Plenty of flowers left and the bees are still bizzy.
 photo b532aef6-3249-45b3-8747-1eced9b8620c_zps86befd18.jpg
One day I will try to figure out the names of all the different bees I find. Tristen found a poor old grasshopper who got squished on the path
 photo 453d1abb-0190-4b5d-aa82-88d8f0db8455_zps64ed687d.jpg
 photo 21057a8b-cf62-4d0c-ade2-ed9c980f3803_zpsd5c5e6d8.jpg
Its was a fun day with a few laughs
 photo 4e2e6069-4098-43f2-8bcf-9c2cf5de8e23_zps2459d2cb.jpg
We saw a friend out jogging with his dog but I bet he didn't go on the trails we did haha...............Tristen enjoying the stream
 photo 9914cc26-d510-471a-ac9e-472c3113ca2e_zps3b5d3ab3.jpg
The sky was beautiful and the fields were going fully into Autumn.
 photo bf24860c-a0a7-43b9-ba91-5f4576f88b4e_zpsba434c56.jpg
Queen Annes lace is gone till Spring
 photo a3606920-7b91-480c-8374-f0673bd366d3_zps6a985d25.jpg
we will continue to go on hikes as long as we can, till the snow falls. I would love to go all winter but I don't have and can't afford snow shoes or skiis so.........hoping for a very long Autumn season. Taking a break......
 photo 045b0e2d-0cc5-4422-812a-94904bbb013b_zps8258511e.jpg
Just one more picture, this is at the visitors center and were the only deer we saw that day
 photo f2e4cbf3-1d41-4d93-b752-7b67da3df7df_zps8724497c.jpg
Lots of great art work with more to come.......its going to be great there. Can't wait to go back. Think I will use some proper shoes next time. I am always telling Laura to do that haha.


Craftymoose Crafts said...

I'm glad you didn't twist an ankle hiking in your sandals! The mushroom is gorgeous--I have those floating around in my head to bead, too! Good thing Tristan "tamed" the bear, LOL!

Magic Love Crow said...

What a fun post! I love these photos! Great butt shots! LOL! I agree with Deb, you are lucky you didn't twist an ankle! Really enjoyed your hiking trip! Would have loved to go with you! Great art! Great nature!
Big Hugs xoxox

Rose Hascall said...

We, hubby and I, walk the trail in our town every morning, weather permitting. I am with you, I hope we have a very, very, long autumn.
Happy trails to you,