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Sunday, October 5, 2014

Things we find in the woods.............

One of the things I love to do when we go for walks........there are so many things, but I like to look for unusual things. Not unusual in the normal sense but this for example.
 photo 36f62a97-b10c-48bb-9ab7-62705767c21e_zps3cf75f79.jpg
Such beauty in the small things around us that most do not see, I should not generalize, I mean things we often pass by without seeing. The shape of seed pods or dried up things like this Queen Anne's lace
 photo a3606920-7b91-480c-8374-f0673bd366d3_zps6a985d25.jpg
Fungi, always worth a second look
 photo 106cd1f3-9208-4a97-a83e-e13abfea28f5_zpse1219241.jpg
 photo 9226872a-22b2-4492-b4f4-2350d78b6235_zps024df4e6.jpg
Some other small things we had to be careful not to step on, but they moved quickly so not too much danger there.
 photo b36f0531-53e9-411d-9b1e-3e594fce8625_zpse269fa4f.jpg
This guy was surprised, so were we because Reina saw him first.........sssssssssssnake she yelled. Just a garter snake Reina, you scared him witless.
 photo 9c7502bc-8068-4a55-aa55-5485e094ba37_zps2b0c9e85.jpg
Such a little beauty, I was sort of surprised he was not holed up somewhere by now. I wonder when they hibernate and where.
 photo 492231c0-a71d-4967-8651-1d08a80763bb_zpsed7c65f0.jpg
The next little guy was making a racket until he saw that we had seen him.....
 photo afb1b39d-44bb-4ecc-a774-86342a18be68_zps8a825e5d.jpg
Probably storing food for winter, We are always happy to see wildlife because the kids make so much noise we imagine everyone for miles fleeing the scene. So we pay attention to detail. Even the trees are beautiful in more ways than we could imagine
 photo fed0a17b-a378-480d-bfae-7d942729572c_zps5871c476.jpg
This one had his eye on us..........can you see it?
 photo 25ceb4b9-b2d8-4f5e-937e-c6d3c1ebf73b_zps48dcf969.jpg
The seed pods give us assurance that Spring will come again and that God will provide for us another year. In that is great beauty
 photo 567819c9-27ad-4639-a52e-ab58433e6f0d_zpsbab7297b.jpg
We left the woodlands and were fortunate to see these guys having and evening snack in a field. We got one picture and they went silently into the trees.
 photo 0a8de529-9d2c-4683-b405-61d80579a4e5_zps10a615c5.jpg

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Magic Love Crow said...

What a beautiful adventure ;o) Nature at it's finest ;o) Love this post ;o) Big Hugs ;o)