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Wednesday, October 8, 2014


We took Tristen to the park the other day, and then for a walk in the woods. We saw so many mushrooms (fungi) that I am thinking we need to learn what is edible and what is not.
Anyway, Laura came over, cant remember why but we ended up going to the store. It was such a lovely day that as we were going past the park, and Tristen had been so good.........well we stopped.
 photo 1fba24c9-ff32-4411-a362-51996dafdbf1_zpsa7663723.jpg
HE soon found someone to play with. That went well until they thought about some judo or whatever it was they were just starting...........I dont think so. So we thought that would be the best time for a walk. Tristen was enjoying finding some pretty mushrooms/toadstalls/fungi.........I will call them mushrooms for this post.
 photo eed5fcce-0aa1-4257-84f2-12af30b52818_zps6e6f5a2b.jpg
 photo 265ac769-dff3-406e-9913-449f3413d551_zpsaabfaec9.jpg
He was enjoying the praise. Because of the rain there were mushrooms all over the place.
 photo f09a9ab0-3106-49d2-ba4e-88a8615ba5f1_zps111600a3.jpg
 photo 1dd54887-a276-444f-9e70-7c2acd6b0554_zps7c65201d.jpg
Some of them are truly beautiful. Meanwhile Tristen was having fun running down hills and sliding around. I should try to remember to change his clothes after school. Sigh........whats the point, he grows out of them so quick it hardly matters
 photo ec238ea0-eda1-4dcd-9f22-c8bbada69959_zps5f90dded.jpg
Apart from finding mushrooms he managed to find two Garter snakes. Had to get their pictures, cute little things. Very keen to get away......
 photo c265150a-209a-43db-b37b-607362c9eb8a_zpsad7ef98a.jpg
 photo af017165-3018-45f5-a53e-e01680d856c9_zps32c2cab7.jpg
One of them was quite big for a Garter snake. I am not sure how big they get but this one was very nice and healthy looking. This guy looks like he is frowning
 photo 686546b0-a00a-4084-a377-3575a2ff475f_zps0d4301c5.jpg
The woods were lovely, it was cool that day (Tuesday) but for me I was comfy without a coat. The sun was warm. That will change very soon.
 photo b40e4ed7-b038-4566-9939-0e46c7069ee6_zps17d8c676.jpg
 photo 3d69a63c-7850-46b8-b44d-1d3fab65aacd_zpsc67b4cce.jpg
There is just so much life in the woods. When we were watching the snake, some people were out hiking, so Tristen runs up the trail yelling "People people come and see I found a snake"........he has no inhibitions, He loves people, he loves talking to people. I don't know what to make of that just yet.
More fungi
 photo 303f4346-24c4-44b4-83a6-98fff28f0a2f_zps4c35581a.jpg
 photo 86ed96e9-3d77-4a61-970f-70f639114adf_zps241dead2.jpg
I was totally amazed at the variety. I really only posted a small part of what we saw. I never have the time to show everything, besides it would become tedious. There was so much fruit in the woods.
 photo 0fdca15d-a596-44e6-8df1-fda1010bc427_zps1abe2818.jpg
Apples, grapes and berries. A good year for all of that. The ground was thick with apples under the trees. Long ago orchards gone wild and now in the middle of woodlands. Maybe Johnny Appleseed went by all those years ago.
Meanwhile I told Tristen that all the fruit and seeds that we were seeing were GOD'S promice for next year. That as long as there are seeds and fruit with pits inside, things will continue to grow and we will have food.
 photo f24b7de7-af63-4f5e-a100-32cbec5dcfb2_zpsf2e7f78e.jpg
At leat this year the bear and the animals that hibernate will fill their tummies before they sleep.
Apparently there have been quite a few bear sightings this past week or so. Well I want to see one, I want pictures. With Tristen in the woods, not a lot of chance of that LOL.

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Magic Love Crow said...

I love your nature walks ;o) All these mushrooms are amazing! You should find out if you can eat them ;o) Truly great photos! That close up of the snake is excellent! That snake is cute ;o) I think it's great that Tristen is a people person ;o) Big Hugs ;o)