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Thursday, October 30, 2014

Butterfly House..........

Today was a gloomy day again, somewhat wet. Not bad though, so we went to find the Butterfly house before it closes tomorrow. End of summer. How sad. Well not really, its just that it has been rather a fun summer. We seemed to have found lots to do this year. Next year lots more things to do that we had no time for this time around.
So first the Butterfly House. It's new and I wanted to see what it was like. Tristen's teacher is new to the area and I wanted to show her a few places for the school field trips.
 photo b34ebb56-e7b3-455e-a239-eef747dec53e_zpsa8409107.jpg
so the guy who's job it was to introduce us, showed us in and I got my camera going.
Reina was enthralled.
 photo 9ae70ba5-4748-4cd5-b08e-00f768faf52d_zpsaf8ba7c5.jpg
Tristen loved holding one of the butterfly, it had been laying on its side on one of the dishes. I think it had over consumed haha and was maybe a bit tipsy.
 photo af00c641-46ea-41d1-b02f-92d285ae6b6b_zps25238075.jpg
There were some lovely species there. Colourful and fluttery haha.
 photo bdd7cd54-799d-43c1-963c-abe1164425b2_zpsd991ec2d.jpg
 photo d5e7905b-5eaf-4e91-a170-1ac5c1bb3e6f_zpsa410db23.jpg
 photo 149122e6-07e5-4b1a-8d69-5a81e35879b1_zps549dc113.jpg
 photo 4eb061d0-be3c-4c62-b737-7a4e2820bfe5_zpsa45b255e.jpg
 photo be22b09a-3f20-4192-aa78-7be369c17533_zpsc55feb23.jpg
I know next year they will have many more to display, but we were impressed with these few that they have now.
 photo 9956259f-ff9d-4699-b6e7-684d7c5192ee_zpsb2b9fabb.jpg
 photo 5ba87bcf-db53-42d0-af82-4a85e762f33f_zps12076771.jpg
I was able to get a few close ups, and I love that, looking at the fine details. This guy has been having a snack
 photo d3dbebe6-ba3c-43d2-a59b-44cd829ee074_zps62f8c92a.jpg
This guy sitting on my tummy, well he flew over on my blind side so I dare not move. I could not tell where he was and then......yes there he is on my tummy
 photo 02c4c9ca-eca4-486f-a439-4f948998a70f_zps2bc845f6.jpg
Look at this detail. Isn't it beautiful?
 photo 17a65040-697e-4447-bec2-dabdbfa3ba35_zps8eefb680.jpg
 photo fd6170b9-b1cf-4196-a4c0-1d2938c7562d_zps674e31e6.jpg
I am not sure how many I have shown here.
 photo 03039db8-8a8f-4a93-8028-a6dfe43e592f_zpsfe8040f2.jpg
Anyway, there is also a bug exhibit next to the butterfly part. I am not keen on bugs or spiders but there were two (shudder) pretty spiders.
One has pink boots and the other one has pink fuzz.
 photo 6ad43c46-db58-4d4e-b255-d06300e5b2b2_zpsb004166a.jpg
 photo 74d16ae9-cc0d-41cb-a7f3-ad2ddab550b2_zpsaa22d035.jpg
I was not keen on the rest of the bugs. Probably they will have more by next year. It will be interesting to find out anyway. Roll on Spring.
So next we went to lunch and then on to the Boardman Nature center to see if anything had changed and to get a card and brochure for Tristen's teacher.
 photo 4e16d591-15d4-4b60-b5ac-daa3e3c1c108_zps2e535dd6.jpg
They always feel sorry for the stuffed animals, and that's a good thing as far as I am concerned. A lot of folks around here are hunters and I do not want Tristen to get into that if I can help it. He is fascinated by guns as a five year old, but we do not own any and never will. I hope he kindles a love for animals and wild things so that he does not want to kill them.
 photo 0440a507-80a8-4eab-8bda-1d429a844768_zps1dc44594.jpg
The lovely little Pine Martin I have yet to see. I have seen Mink though, long ago now.
 photo 8936e2c1-b478-445c-854f-a2a4bb4ae4c1_zpsede84cf6.jpg
The Lynx and Bobcat live here too
 photo f7e681f2-61e8-47a8-94ab-d9eba8195028_zpsa38e58d3.jpg
Poor baby deer
 photo 2b08318d-dc86-4d0d-826e-fb73c9b92eca_zpsa8e75fb3.jpg
See more than a few of these around though. Leave them alone and in my experience they will do the same.
 photo d3c18d68-5498-4d22-9105-b47d8d4a7f45_zpsc015a85f.jpg
We stopped by the Sand Lakes Quiet Area but were almost out of gas so we went back. There are a lot of trails out there so will add to my list for next year.
We stopped and got some Honey Crisp and a cherry pie at the farm market. I did not need the pie but figured Gerry was due for a treat.


Merlesworld said...

Amazing pictures of the butterflies.
I not keen on stuffed animals but they are very well done.
Spiders with pink boots now you don't see that very often.

Craftymoose Crafts said...

Butterflies! It had to be Butterflies today? They are all so beautiful...and now I want to bead them--especially the pink and black one! I think I have a beading obsession!

Magic Love Crow said...

Beautiful post! Love the photos! They are amazing! Love the butterfly on your tummy! So cute ;o) And, I love the spider with the pink boots! LOL!