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Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Hello November..............

Hello November, nice to see you without any snow yet. Please be nice and refuse it for us until December maybe, or January even better. Let the deer get fatter and have less time to go hungry. Lots of berries and food out there this year. Good luck Bambi.
So my garden is a mess. My pond is covered with some chicken wire to try to prevent some of the leaves from clogging it up. Can't see the fish and will not see them now until Spring, have a good winter little fishies.
 photo bc2afec4-7089-401e-af6b-b877c48d6787_zps5ce446a5.jpg
Well while the fish go into their winter dormant mode, the dark slows them down and they sleep, the birds are busy.
I heard all the twittering today and grabbed my camera
 photo a362a338-7f85-4feb-be2f-146be99b04d1_zps463a2df6.jpg
All the little ones were happy today and gathering for chats and food. I filled up the feeders so they could all get a turn.
 photo ee31e4a2-aee2-49a4-8978-8f3710556f74_zpsb97ed18e.jpg
The Chickadees are always happy, and I love it when the Titmouse and the Nuthatch and Woodpeckers are all together. I bet they snuggle up at night to stay warm.
 photo ac4313c5-0171-4ca8-ad4e-cdf44f0bc265_zps0e5be48d.jpg
Gerry has raked the back yard twice but with the winds so rough, there is plenty more down on the ground already. Not much more up there, but it will fill the yard again no doubt.
 photo 1f59af88-0550-48c4-b546-5d21a62b8b09_zps40c55e34.jpg
 photo 1b1ea691-f52f-48bd-a341-f236881507bc_zps5f8385bb.jpg
Still a little colour out there in our back yard, the Cardinal needs to come pose before its all gone. I have not seen them for a few days, nor the Blue Jays. They seem to canvas the neighbourhood over several days and show up and stick around until the feeders need replenishing. I hope someone finishes off the berries.
 photo d232559f-06a6-47ec-b91e-74fd4156e941_zps7d35560d.jpg
I wish the squirrels would hibernate for the entire winter. They have a big nest close by. Little buggers will be right close to the food source.
 photo 2f0cd8bc-fd0a-4fc1-87f1-c8438cecb60c_zpsb5530a9f.jpg
I mean to say, talk about moving in. One of the other trees has a good size nest as well. I think I overfed them this summer and Bud's (next door) attempt on moving them on was a fail.
So that's it for today not a lot happening here and we can't get out in the woods. Tis hunting season. A shame when its nice outside still, it would be great for walking in the woods with the cooler weather but with Tristen I dare not chance it. Also the bears are looking for dens and need some peace. I am hoping that todays votes go against those who want to open the wolf hunt up again. Can't eat wolves and already legal to put down the bad guys so why????? Leave our wolves alone. I know I would not be happy to loose pets to them or Coyote's but please, take care of your pets then. Get dogs who watch the livestock. Be a sensible farmer and work with this. It's their country too.


September Violets said...

I'm happy to wait for snow this year too! Lots of pretty fall colour in your yard. I've never seen a titmouse, but they are so CUTE! I would love to have them visit me :) There's lots of activity with the birds here too ... mostly juncos & chickadees. And someone's cat has decided he likes all that bird activity in my yard too. I have to keep sending the dog to chase away the cat several times during the day. I'm not a cat person when I see them stalking my favourite little birds. I wish cats were not allowed to roam free for this reason. Enjoy your day, and I hope the sun shines a little bit for us! Wendy x

Magic Love Crow said...

You take such beautiful pictures! Love your bird photos! I have never seen a squirrel's nest and we have lots of squirrels! I have to look for them! Happy November ;o)