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Friday, November 7, 2014

Todays Birds.............

The back yard was somewhat busy today, I saw the male Nuthatch but was not able to get his picture.I got one of the female eating. She liked the sunflower seeds.
 photo 8bb99fb1-3633-4961-af6e-43550513cd14_zpsd7303032.jpg
A few of the Bluejays came in to inspect the feeders
 photo 0e73f8ec-0df2-4c02-b14b-66eeefa17396_zpse4ae7102.jpg
Then this guy spotted the bread. He was determined to have the crust and worked on it awhile. I could almost see him rubbing his hands together before he works on it.
I got me some bread.....its all mine.
 photo b383575e-857c-4486-81ed-494f7cab490c_zpseb372a1e.jpg
Then he tackled the task and had himself a feast
 photo f781f8c0-c3a1-4d18-bf4e-3592800ec76c_zps191e21e1.jpg
I did see Mrs Cardinal today, she was just sitting in the Mountain Ash eating a few berries. I wonder if we will still have the two couples we had last year. I hope they had a good year. We don't get that much variety it seems so it is nice when we get at least a few different birds come in. I get used to who hangs around. They don't bother so much in summer when they can get fresh food. I have a couple of suet feeders out there. This weekend I need to try to put latches on so the squirrels can not get in and take off with the whole cake of suet.
 photo ecf13400-7f51-40a8-bc77-23f25992fd76_zps9b4a5085.jpg
She sat for awhile, it was a cold day
 photo 0c097dc9-6837-4ac6-8d6d-374a1cb1766b_zps1f63950d.jpg
Well she is looking healthy enough.
 photo 6c9158af-4d09-400d-850f-9a1ae7ea98da_zps8e78dff5.jpg
I first began taking pictures with drawing in mind. I wanted to be able to draw pictures from my own work. It never came to that. I began to enjoy photography for it's own sake. Digital has just made it so much easier. I would like to draw that last picture.
Anyway, enough of my garden today. Tomorrow is more clean up and puttin away the last of the garden stuff. Snow next week they say. I did manage to save a few plants by bringing them in the house, but lost a lot because I was sick and didn't get them in time. Ah well, next year maybe next year.
I cut into one of my pictures for some close ups that I am adding here at the end.I liked how they came out.
 photo d26e9dc3-1fbc-46d2-a706-ec1c8c0f703e_zpsae39f94e.jpg
 photo ce67fa3d-bd14-4e6e-bf3e-cb7d4a0773f5_zps0345fdb9.jpg
 photo 864e398f-0554-41a5-8ce7-87c689b1c864_zps70b70f28.jpg

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My Cozy Corner said...

Hi Janice,
Thanks for the information on the Virginia Creeper. I will watch for the creepers...and pull them up. I have it planted on my pergola posts. Love you blogs.
Betty @ My Cozy Corner

Craftymoose Crafts said...

Great photos. It's nice to see all the birds looking so healthy!

Magic Love Crow said...

You know how much I love your bird photos! Excellent close ups!!! Our birds look healthy too ;o)