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Friday, November 14, 2014

Look who came today................

 photo 8c882156-a838-42ca-b94b-ee1d9319359c_zps589523aa.jpg
This is a Pileated Woodpecker. A big guy compared to the little Downies that come to the feeder and I even had a couple of those today. Anyway, I saw the Woody Woodpecker fly through the yard, he was a big'n. He flew to the electric pole opposite so I could not get sharp close ups. Still I don't see them often so was very happy to get what I did. He found a hole in the side and investigated that for bugs
 photo c506aa97-bc83-487d-a314-08d03152695e_zps0ab0d2ae.jpg
 photo 80367af3-7322-4c47-a3ef-28748b96c691_zpsbc403014.jpg
 photo 4f47e417-71e6-4b03-9f6c-592e1776fa2a_zpsb1e3e1d7.jpg
Meanwhile at my feeder......we have a little Downey Woodpecker
 photo d9e3d32e-fc2e-4d5b-a8f5-28233b435f72_zps6a9272d3.jpg
They like the suet. They also like the sunflower seeds. I think I have to replenish this weekend and I think I will get some peanuts in shells too.Mrs C came for a visit. Actually there were two females today so I still have two couples.
 photo 05730883-5deb-44bf-b003-ed02b0c351a0_zps20de5a12.jpg
She is looking very pretty in her winter feathers. They all look so scruffy during the molting season.
 photo e5515344-ff8d-4460-8ed0-025e987c5b82_zps6973f763.jpg
Mrs C was partial to the berries today, did not come for seeds
 photo 5b3b7f84-50c5-4e36-854f-67289abf760b_zpsd683ab88.jpg
Among others today was the male Nuthatch. I still have not got a shot of him. He came same time as the Pileated Woodpecker and I have seen Mr Nuthatch the last few days so I went for the Pileated Woodpecker.
The Bluejays were back in force.........I put out bread for them and old popcorn for the squirrels. Everyone had fun.
 photo cf46814d-6bb5-49ae-b707-2e9c148bf00e_zps857a169a.jpg
 photo 4ca7b0bd-7665-4840-91a8-4404b5cef647_zps6a55480e.jpg
The Chickadees were busy as always, about 5 little squabbling bundles of cuteness
 photo a90861d4-ec2f-41f5-9b55-1334f8e8530e_zps63cc2de9.jpg
The Jays were happy to share
 photo 896ad85c-0fc6-4360-871a-142053e73c37_zps7d9688e6.jpg
I was very happy to see a nice variety of birds today. They had all sorts of treats out there. Apple slices, cheese, suet and all kinds of seeds. They should be happy and seemed to be. Had about 4 squirrels too and I didn't chase them off because there was enough for everyone today.

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September Violets said...

I did mean to read your post right away, but painting got me sidetracked and I'v hunted it down while having lunch. I wanted to see your pileated woodpecker, and he is a beauty! You get so many colourful birds. My feeder is a hub of activity today (mostly house sparrows and juncos), but I did get a little male downy woodpecker, so that was nice. I really should get my suet feeders up too (just logs with holes drilled in for the suet). Love your shots of all the birds, especially the cardinals and jays. Enjoy your day, and I hope you weren't caught in the snow storm this week (just a few flakes swirling around for us this afternoon). Wendy x

Magic Love Crow said...

Thanks for telling me about the squirrel nests! I know where some are now ;o) I can't believe you got the big woodpecker! I have only seen one in my life time! Your are so lucky with your birds ;o) Love all your precious pictures ;o) Big Hugs ;o)