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Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Winter birds..........

Well today I found out that there are actually 3 female Cardinals around. I saw them all together. Only one male today. He was handsome though. I have no idea what girl he belonged to.
 photo 3450befa-df4b-4c87-a5a0-bc2af0561d6c_zpsb004a9e7.jpg
Today I had a whole flock of little finches. They are strange because the other day they were all yellow finches. Today I had a mixture of yellow, the red crowned ones and the speckled finches. I need to look up and see if they are all the same.
 photo 26b99431-2df9-4074-9b39-26eab5df1d8c_zps0154a989.jpg
 photo c73f0bbb-15b2-4c32-9ada-74aba0b46c1d_zps92ee4d71.jpg
 photo 37440e2d-f707-4450-b605-66150b2d04ae_zps926f4b0f.jpg
 photo bd8465c5-66a9-4e9d-9848-70f6b4f55702_zpsed52a63a.jpg
So those are the Finches. I will be looking them up because even though they all come around together, they can not be the same. Its like the little ones, the Chickadees, Nuthatches, Junco's and Downey's
I did have some luck today with the Nuthatches.
 photo f756e89c-bd01-4edc-bcb4-7b57435a3b93_zps49d96292.jpg
 photo eb3435b5-938b-46cb-8445-548657834197_zps7886f32a.jpg
I must say that the BlueJays look very handsome in the snow.
 photo 7e457319-2303-4475-99a3-15103a3d371c_zps8e6a2be9.jpg
I am greedy though I really want to see some different birds come in. There is such a wide variety of bird life in Northern Michigan but they seem to stay away from town. When we go to the Dunes we see the Indigo Bunting and the Oriols, now I don't expect to see field warblers or skylarks but come on. I have not seen Cedar Waxwings around for quite some time. They used to come years ago. I saw some out at the beach this summer. So, how do I coax them in????? Do they fly over looking for the food they like? I know the Crows do. So do the BlueJays. I see them scouting out the area. Today I called to the Crows and they came to the trees nearby. I was very happy about that but they don't like me parking the van in the drive. So thats today.............will things liven up or will I be posting these same guys all winter?


Beth said...

Looks like you have Pine Siskins, American Goldfinches and House Finches.

Craftymoose Crafts said...

No matter what birds visit--they are all beautiful and I enjoy seeing your photos! Hope you have a wonderful Thanksgiving!

maryom said...

Wow That Cardinal is certainly a stunner. There's nothing that colourful in my English garden - the best I can hope for is a robin!

Tante Mali said...

How wonderful, the Cardinal is such a beauty! Don't have them here in Austria! So I realy love to see this fantastic bird on your blog.
Stunning pictures!
Have a happy holiday season